Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last week I went to buy my contact lenses and only to realize I bought the wrong power, FML. My power was 450 & 475 but I bought 425. At first I thought never mind, it was just a small difference. I used 425 before when the power of both side of eyes were 450. But heck, how wrong was I? My vision was blur and I couldn't see the words on banner along the road side unless if I squint my eyes which giving my headache.

So tonight I returned my contact lenses and had my optician checked my eyesight. I suspected that my eyesight had gotten worst and even when I put on my spectacles, I still got blurry vision. Guess what my optician found out? I got wrinkled inside my eyes because obviously I over-abuse my eyes by staring into computer screen for more than 8 hours a day and using contact lenses for almost 12 hours. Thank God he said it wasn't anything serious. 

Must take good care of my eyes if not I will need to put on Harry Potter glass like this
(Please ignore my double chin, thanks)

Life is not fair. I got friends whom growing up playing Dota whole day and yet they have perfect vision. I screwed up a few times by reading under dim light when young and end up with glasses. But I'm thankful that that nothing is serious, it was just short-sighted. Maybe I should start snacking carrots instead of chocolates now. By the way, this year marks the 10th years I had been using contact lenses. 10 freaking years?? Wow, time flies. 

And yeah, my shortsighted increase a little bit. :(

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