Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Short hair (Cheat)

As my friends know me, I'm always the girl with long hair except one time when I had my tomboy hair cut after matriculation. So, when I posted a picture of me with short hair, I got mixed reactions from them. Girls like it, boys were surprise ='=

The most common reaction I got is "Are you okay?" My friends thought something drastic happened to me till I need a make over for myself. I always wanted a short hair before but never really got myself to cut it. This time, I'm determine to have short hair, just now right away hehehe

I'm not sure I can pull this off or not. When I first see myself with short hair, I like it. But now that I see it again, it looks kinda duh to me -__- But my cheat one short hair look real, ain't it? hehehe So here is my plan, I'm gonna keep my hair long till May then slight curl it. When I'm tired of the curl, I'll cut it short . Done!

Okay, you guys probably wonders how I achieve this short hair. It was so easy, not a single effort is needed. Last Saturday, I went out shopping on my own. I've tried more than 15 pieces of clothes at that time. That's probably my highest record in one store. I kept changing from one dress to another until I tried on a dress and looked in the mirror, I saw myself with short hair. Turned out, my hair stuck in the dress and look perfectly like a real short hair. True story, wtf. See, no effort needed.

Some of the dresses and top that I've tried:

Tried on this dress and I got short hair

Love this dress but it was too tight on me
If I lift up my hand, the lace on my shoulder sure tear up.

Feeling nautical

This top is so comfortable and perfect for travelling by flight

Have to lift one of my leg cause floor is filled with clothes 

In the end, I just bought the top and the dress below. It was the same dress from the short hair dress but in black. 

Wore it for The Hunger Game the next day. 

I got horrible sore throat and feeling rather hot since Friday, so I got myself the mo mo cha cha from Cool Dessert to cool myself. Not helping tho cause I sill got sore throat.

So, short hair is yay or nay?

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