Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yes, we are expecting our first child

Feel so glad to finally be able to blog about my pregnancy. We've announced it on social media but not in my blog because I have been waiting for the right time to pen down my feeling and thoughts. I've write some in my Dayre and the feeling of being one of the Dayre moms is amazing because everyone has been so supportive. 

Anyway, I'm on my 28 weeks now which means I'm already entering my 3rd trimester. Why I wait this long to write about this pregnancy you ask? Most people make their announcement after 3 months but I waited till 6 months because 1) too lazy to sort through photos and this post is not something that I want to rush. 2) I want to properly sit down without interruption to pen down my experience, feeling and thought so far.  3) I'm very paranoid at the beginning of my pregnancy. Now that I'm almost two months away from giving birth, I think it is the best time to spill all the beans.

"When I first found out"

It was after my trip to Penang that I suspected that I'm pregnant. During that trip I was very tired easily and would dozed off anywhere. No kidding, I slept in our van while waiting for them to shop and I also slept immediately every nights during the trip. It was like once my head touched the pillow, I fell into deep sleep until morning. But I still feel tired constantly the next day.

When I got back, I told the husband then bf about this and he said go check it out and we decide from there. But I could tell that he did not believe my gut feeling. I've waited until a week after that to actually buy pregnancy test. My period was late but that's not something new to me. However, my gut feeling was so strong and I actually convinced myself pregnant even before I tested it. I don't know how to describe my gut feeling but I just know. 

I even asked my husband what if we really pregnant and he nonchalantly said we'll get married and start our very own family. I was like "wah, so confident one? no need to prepare ourselves for parenthood. marriage and etc ah?" He being his usual self told me that "you will never get prepared enough for such things, when it (the baby) comes you will automatically learn along the way" His chill vibes sometimes really scare me but it really helps during my pregnancy. If you don't know my husband, he is very chill in everything to the point it looks like he doesn't care. He is also generally doesn't show excitement in anything. Drop him a million dollar and he'll be like "oh okay" 

So imagine my feeling when I showed him the positive pregnancy test?!  I can't remember his exact response but it was something along the line of "wow, we will have child now. It's time to arrange for our marriage"

A very clear double line indeed

The only person that I confided my gut feeling about the pregnancy is my sister. She is so excited even before I took my pregnancy test. She was the first person I informed about the positive test and next is my husband. 

The 2 minutes of waiting for the test result is the most kancheong moment in my life. My heart was beating so hard that I scared I might pop a vein or something. Once the line was formed and it is confirmed that I'm pregnant, I screamed but not sure out of excitement or scare. Lol The wave of emotions started to sweep in. I felt disbelief (seriously, am I really pregnant?), scare (OMG, I have a life growing in me!), excited (I'm going to be a mother!),  horror (my life is going to change forever!), happy (This is my first child!!). Once I calmed myself down, I feel so relief and happy. 

I took a second test the next morning just to be sure although the double line from the first test was pretty clear. I bought the pack of 2 pregnancy tests so might as well use both la. Plus I wanted to show my husband how the double line formed. And he looked very calm and the rest is history. Truth is, this pregnancy wasn't planned but it is the greatest surprise of all. We went to the doctor the same weekend to get confirmation. 

"Once the news is out"

Everyone are excited especially our siblings. My mom told me to keep mum about it for the first 3 months and I did. So mum that I only wrote about my pregnancy openly now lol. I only told my closest friends and been really laying low. I have to say that I am very lucky because during my first trimester, I experienced no morning sickness or nausea or crazy craving for anything. For that I'm really really grateful.

My first ever bump photo. I was around 8 to 10 weeks this time.

As you can see, I'm not that into taking bump photo during the early pregnancy because can't really see my bump. Now that my bump is big I really really love it especially when the baby moves. It is such an amazing feeling to talk to my baby and she actually responded. Do expect more pregnancy post coming up soon because I have a lots to jot down here.

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