Sunday, October 16, 2016

My first trimester

After the pregnancy announcement went out, the most popular question that I've got asked is "How does it feel when you're pregnant?" I was only 5 weeks pregnant when we found out, so it is still too soon to feel different, I guess.

Even the scan photo showed that it is just a sac forming. Still, we are very excited.

But one thing for sure is that the spotlight is on me. I decide what to eat, where to eat, I'm not allowed to do any housework and is told to get as much rest as possible. Suddenly I felt so spiled.  I'm loving all the attention and become very manja with the husband. Hahaha

Many asked me about how's my pregnancy been treating me. I have to say I'm very lucky that I have it easy if compared to others. I have heard that some pregnant woman got terrible morning sickness and had to be bedridden for months. These horror stories are enough to put some woman off pregnancy. But for me, the first 3 months flew by in a breeze. Probably because I was so busy with the wedding preparation and also I slept a lot. #truestory

Night sickness
While many suffers from horrible morning sickness, it is the opposite case for me. I got night sickness which is very light too. When the night fall, I'd feel light headed and nausea but all it took for it to go away is just tucking myself early to bed or I'll take nap. When I woke up in the morning, I'll be full of energy and ready to kick start the day. Throughout my first trimester, I only vomited 3 times. Once was when I brushed my teeth, I gagged too much. Others are just random occasions.

One of the occasion was when we went to watch movie in the cinema. We were watching Suicide Squad when my head suddenly felt light and my vision blurred. I've had tom yum for dinner, although I'm not sure if it's the tom yum that triggered the nauseous feeling. I stayed till the end of the movie but I couldn't walked straight to the car and vomited everything out when we reached home. Tucked myself to bed afterwards and the next morning everything is fine and dandy again.

First glance at our baby and she's just tinier than a peanut

My body is still adjusting to the pregnancy and I was exhausted everyday and need to take nap as longer as 2 hours during the first trimester. I was so tired that I chose nap over food. If I don't get to nap, I'd be very cranky and not the nicest person to be around. Backache also starting to become constant visitor for me. Whenever I walked too much/stand too long/sit too long, the back pain comes and stays. Sometimes, I've lost sleep at night tossing and turning because the pain become unbearable.

I was tempted to get the pregnancy pillow but after seeing the price and how bulky it is, I've decided not to. Instead bolster has become my best friend now. I never sleep with bolster growing up but now I can't sleep without it. It does helps and I also put my small pillow behind my back when I sleep sideways which is the only way for me to sleep now. How I miss sleeping on my back and stomach!

I think this is the earliest symptom of pregnancy that I've had. I have always smooth skin and rarely have pimple unless it is the time of the month. But suddenly in April/May I started to get breakout. I didn't know that I'm already pregnant this time. So I figured that the time of the month would come soon. The breakout started with just minor bump on my skin then suddenly it developed into pimples all over my face.

But the period never came. Then I thought, okay maybe I was stress. But stress for what? I rarely breakout from stress too because if any, I perform better under stress. Once we're confirmed pregnant by the doctor, the pimples and breakout slowly went away on its own. I didn't even change anything in my skin care routine.

This is what's been really bothering me during my first trimester. I couldn't go to toilet and it was hurt to even try to force it, sorry it's a little bit tmi. I have normal bowel system pre pregnancy. At first I didn't even know that constipation is part of the pregnancy symptoms until I googled it because I've never heard anyone having this problem.

My constipation is so bad that I've resorted to take supplement from Elken to help me go. Before that I did tried to eat as much fruits and veggies to increase my fiber intake but nothing is helping except for the drinks from Elken. I didn't take it daily though, only when I couldn't go in 3 to 4 days and even then I only took half a packet.

Constant hunger
When I was not sleepy, I was hungry. I have no special cravings for anything but I have to have food or snacks with me all the time. I've started to bring fruits for snack to work because I wanted the healthy option. My favorite fruits are apple, seedless grape, kiwi and oranges.

My weight during the first trimester

Although I always hungry but I'll make sure that I steer clear from junk food. This is not a big problem for me because I don't even like chips to begin with. But I seem to have a tiny sweet tooth in me. I don't like chocolate or anything sweet before but now it is one of my favorite. Even the husband noticed this. 

I'm so grateful that this pregnancy has been going so well and I'm really excited to welcome my baby around Christmas which is my favorite time of the year. More updates on the pregnancy topics and baby stuff soon!