Friday, October 28, 2016

Baby shopping

I think being pregnant has enhanced my shopping habit to a whole new level. I never pay attention to baby and kids clothing before but now it is all that I've noticed. It doesn't help that Facebook does this thing where it tracks your history and keep popping baby stuff in the ads. Luckily my will is strong.

I've spent hours on the net scrolling through thousand and thousand of baby items and comparing prices on various sites. So for the big bulk items like crib/cot and stroller, we still looking around for the best deal. I already shortlisted stroller brand that I want and will purchase it next year perhaps. I have baby carrier and car seat ready, all thanks to my aunt.

I'm around 70% done tackling some items such as milk bottles, baby clothes (which I think is never enough), wash clothes, socks, mittens, hats, napkins and so on. If you think shopping for yourself is fun, try shop for a baby. The fun level is instantly up by thousand folds because everything are so cute and tiny. It just makes me squealing so much.

I'm gonna share some shopping loots and gifts from friends for my baby, only clothing wise because nobody is interested in seeing milk bottles and breast pump, right?

Isn't the tiny socks are so cute?

I got the above item from Cotton On Online at 30%. I didn't plan on shopping there because I've been to their physical store and found that baby stuff are quite overpriced. When I received the email about the 30% sale, I quickly jumped at the opportunity and got on my laptop. It is my first time shopping online for baby so I just roughly estimate the size.

May told me not to buy too much newborns size because babies grown out of newborn size in a blink of an eye. But I think I went a little overboard with the shirt above, I picked 12-18 months. But it's okay because baby will wear it some times in the near future. And the tiny shoes is not necessary for a newborn but I couldn't resists. It is only RM15 but I'm not so sure about the comfort level. Finger cross it is comfortable for baby.

And I already made my second order and still waiting for the parcel to come. Don't tell my husband okay! He thinks I'm going overboard with the shopping, pffft.

These are all the stuff that my aunt got for baby during my visit to Brunei

I have never seen anyone more excited than me about shopping for my baby. My aunt is the first. She's in auto pilot mode and just picked anything pink and squealing like me and threw it to our shopping trolley. I literally had to stop her from picking anymore socks and mittens because no babies need that much socks and mittens, right? The white onesie was chosen by me to neutralise the pinkness lol. Even her hand-me-down stuff for baby are 80% pink. 

So now, I'm avoiding buying anymore pink stuff.

My aunt even got this for baby for her coming home from hospital outfit.

My baby's godmother also got her lots of clothes. I'm very grateful that my baby is very well loved by everyone. Such a lucky baby I have. Since I bought mostly clothes size from 3-6 months, I'm kinda worry that my baby has nothing to wear during her newborn days because till now I only got 5 onesie for her in newborn size, the rest are for 3-6 months and 6-9 months.

I'm so happy when bestie gifted these onesie for baby and it is in newborn sizes.

More cute newborn onesie from Bonds

Leggings and socks too

My favourite is this Wondersuits from Bonds. Super cute! 

I was thinking about swaddle the other day and wondering if I should buy swaddle for baby. I know newborn have to be swaddle so that they feel secure and can sleep uninterrupted and I've seen people swaddling baby with just towel. If it is nice and fluffy towel, then maybe it is okay. But I still think a proper swaddle is needed.

So I went ahead and bought one.

I will buy more in November and hopefully tick all the must buy items off my list in the same month so that I won't be worry about last minute shopping in December. Also, I need to start looking at confinement stuff that I will need. So far I have a long list of items on my confinement list but haven't start buying yet. So if you're wondering, yes, I will be doing a full month confinement after delivery. I already have my confinement lady booked. :) 

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