Monday, September 19, 2016

Our wedding reception

I was really reluctant to have wedding reception but come to think of it, it means more to our parents than us so a simple reception had to take place. Plus my husband is the first grandson to get married. We're so tired from the morning ceremony and napped till 3pm. I was a bit worried because my MUA was late and I tried to get hold of her but she's not replying my text.

Luckily she showed up at 4.30pm and in one hour, I've got my make up done and ready to leave for the reception. I love the hairdo and make up that she did for me for my reception. I thought such updo was impossible since my hair was short but with lots of pins and hairspray, anything can do.

The first photo prop that we grabbed. Very appropriate indeed.

My siblings and brother's gf are in charge of the backdrop. It was a very last minute decision for me to have backdrop for photo because let's face it, 80% of our guests are relatives and none of them would appreciate the photo taking opportunity (read:old). But then I thought it would be fun to pose with backdrop with my friends and family (read: the young ones). So, the day before the reception, we just bought whatever art deco that we could find and my siblings designed the backdrop while my husband's siblings were doing the photo props. We ended up having so much fun taking photos there after all of our guests left.

With my MIL

With my parents

I ordered my wedding cake from Stella's Bakery based on what I found on Pinterest. I love the simplicity of the cake and each tiered were flavored differently from peanut to blueberry and chocolate. The only downside was that they didn't provide stand for our cake, so it was rather low and you couldn't spot the cake for afar. 

It was a fun night of mingling and getting to know new relatives from both side of the family although let's be honest, I already forgot some of them. In a way, I'm glad we have this reception and I'm really grateful for my friends that came all the way from Miri and Bintulu to celebrate with us. Too bad I couldn't spend more time with them. Nowadays the only time that I get to reunite with my Uni friends is when one of us getting married.

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