Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekend in Miri

I don't really like driving for a trip because I always feel like it is not safe but this time we had to choice but to drive to Miri for my sister wedding. Haven't had a road trip that the journey up to 5 hours for 2 years at least, I forgot how much fun it is. 

We went with 2 cars, the bf and I in one while my brother and aunts in another. Super convenient when we had car in Miri because we could just take off to anywhere anytime we want. No rushing at all. 

5 hours later, we reached our hotel. I couldn't feel my butt ='=

Meeting baby Kelly. She's no longer a baby, how time flies.

With my Baby! I used to spend every school holidays with them.

Since everyone was busy with the preparation for the reception at night, I took them out for lunch at Kenny Rogers. Sorry to say but Kenny Rogers really sucks. Don't know why their food standard can drops this much.

Many selfies ahead because we only meet like once a year.

Since I don't come to Miri often now, I die die also must squeeze some time to meet up with Vero, my uni best friend. If you been reading since I'm in uni, you will know Vero because she's my housemate, coursemate and clubbing mate wtf.

Last time I saw her was last year during Bern's wedding, she was heavily pregnant that time. Now, little Lola is out and I got to meet her for the first time.

Cutie pie Lola. Kelly squeezed in because she got jealous if we hold another baby.

With Vero and Lola! It was a short meeting but at least we're able to update each other on lives and gossiping wtf.

My bf and I went shopping after lunch and somehow got carried away. I blamed Daiso (omg, I really love Miri Daiso because it literally have everything and super neat. I could spend hours in there browsing baking stuff) and computer shops. Dinner started at 6.30pm but we only got back to the hotel at almost 5pm.

Took a quick shower and put on my dress. I need to have my hair and make up done as well.

Race against time so I just had my make up every where. Put my foundation in the bridal suite because I thought that's where they did my hair. Wrong room and moved to my aunt room.

Hair and makeup happening at the same time. 

Got everything done in less than 20 minutes but I left my makeup stuff everywhere. 

All set and ready. Not bad hor my makeup. I did it myself. *pat self on the back

I even managed to put on fake eyelashes

It was a short weekend in Miri because I left on Saturday to spend a night in Bintulu visiting the bf's sister.
Flat hair don't care wtf

Cheeky Eden. He can speak so well and like an adult now.

And become super clingy too.

Went back to Sibu on Sunday night and picked up Pino. Poor dog got infected with tick while staying at pet boarding shop. Only managed to clear him after two weeks. I'm not going to send him to that shop anymore.

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