Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tanah Lot | Bali

I promise this will be the last installment for my Bali trip back in April. I was so lazy to finish the blog post for Bali but I thought every part of Bali deserves a post on its own. Plus it is my first ever solo trip. Every adventures need to be jot down here for my own future reference.

I spent my last full evening in Bali with another tour from Pak Putu. This time I went for Tanah Lot tour. The sky was bright and beautiful in the morning but came afternoon, it was overcast and drizzling during my tour.

First place to visit on the tour is Taman Ayun Temple. This is inside of the garden. Sorry for the low light photo, told you it was overcast.

Entrance of Taman Ayun Temple. It was really impossible to get a photo without having others photobombing you. The flock of tourists were everywhere. 

I would love to know more about the history of the temple but Pak Putu was not well versed with the story of the temple. I asked some questions but he couldn't answer me. :(

The garden itself is not too large and most part of it are still under maintenance. Some workers were working hard restoring the ruined statues under the rain. Our visit there finished in just half an hour. It was raining and I was cold. Plus Pak Putu himself did not know the history of the temple. So, it was quite boring for me.

Spotted lots of Ogoh-ogoh sold in Bali. Ogoh-ogoh is the statue which have forms of mythological beings especially demons and is used during Nyepi Day. If you're planning your trip to Bali at the early of the year, make sure you take note of when is Nyepi Day because on that day, no activity are allowed and everything is closed. Nyepi Day basically means Silence Day which follows by New Year in the Hindu Calendar.

Next we moved on to Tanah Lot which took about one hour ='=

I was getting dizzy from the moving vehicle and the cold from the rain. Thankfully I brought shawls to wrap myself in. Very useful to bring along shawl because some temples have strict dress code and lady should covers their leg.

The famous Tanah Lot which is a cursed place for couple according to the history. This is where the Bali Curse started. Legend has it that the couple that visit Tanah Lot together will break up afterward. Not sure how true the story is but I'm not taking chances. But I did read that lots of couple, even the steady one broke up after visiting Tanah Lot.

It been raining the whole afternoon, so the tide was high and the current was strong. We couldn't walk over to the temple but being there watching it from afar was awesome. The strong wave crashing against the rocks made it even more wonderful.

I kept walking to edge of the rock to get close view of the wave but Pak Putu kept stopping me. It was dangerous but I couldn't help it. I love the water and kept imagine how does it feel to swim there wtf morbid much.

I spent close to one hour in Tanah Lot just taking in all the view and the experience. I even saw a surfer surfing on the strong wave. He made it look so easy. 

After Tanah Lot, I asked Pak Putu to drive me to the famous Warung Nuri in Seminyak. Everyone keep bragging that the pork rib is a must try in Warung Nuri. Honestly during my whole trip there, I did not had any meal that satisfy me.Probably because I didn't venture out much. The only time I walked around Kuta was before my flight back. 

I wandering around Kuta in my effort to search for bakso because I was craving one. Found a place that serves one but it is a rather high end place and sadly the bakso suck. I was reluctant to walk further because a tout keep following me to promote his motorbike wtf.

I was really mad at him. When he first approached me, I ignored him. He kept walking beside me asking me gazillion questions. I tried to lost him by entering a craft shop but the damn bastard was waiting for me outside. He literally been following me the whole street for 20 minutes. 

In the end, I got so mad at him and snapped at him to leave me alone. It worked. Sigh, I should have just yell at him at the first place. 

Anyway, back to Warung Nuri. It changed its name to Wild Hog. So, next time you're in Bali, look for Wild Hog instead.

The interior is very quirky and the patrons were 80% foreigners. 

I had the famous pork rib and Bintang beer. My verdict, it wasn't up to the hype. Sorry everyone but the pork rib was just so so to me. I didn't try anything else because I was alone and had nobody to share with.

Well, this is the downside of solo travel. You have nobody to split the food and the transport fare. But it is still enjoyable for me. A friend asked when I will do my solo travel again, right now I'm not so sure when. With the weak Ringgit, I have no mood to plan my travel for next year but so far I have some trips that I already confirmed.

If I were to do another solo travel, I think I will head over to the country Down Under. Hehehe

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