Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Royal Java Spa Experience

Before I went to Bali I've done quite a lot of research including reading blogs and forum and almost every sites mentioned about spa experience in Bali. So it immediately got listed into my To-do list in Bali.

I based my research mostly on TripAdvisor but when I was at Bali, the amount of massage parlor and spa in Kuta overwhelmed me. There are so much to choose from and frankly speaking, some look rather dodgy to me.

In the end, I chose to go my hotel spa. I stayed in Harper Kuta and they have in-house spa. 

Breakfast view in the morning

After breakfast, I made appointment for my spa treatment at 11am. There are so much package to choose from depends on what you want for your body. I decided to go with Royal Java because I like the sound of it. 

Once I stepped inside the spa, calming music greeted me. It was rather a quiet morning for them which was a plus point for me. I don't like going to busy spa as I feel like the staff cannot concentrate on my treatment and too much noise will definitely break the calm atmosphere.

I was led to the room above for my treatment and told to undress. This is my first time for full body spa treatment, so I'm not sure whether I should take off all of my clothes or keep my undergarment on.

Well, this disposable panty told me to take all off and put in on.

My treatment consists of body scrub, lulur, body massage and more things that I couldn't remember now. Well, this is what happened when I blog about the experience 4 months after. The only remarkable thing that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life is the boob massage.

No kidding guys! The lady literally took off the only cloth that covered my upper body. Her finger slowly dancing on my skin and scrubbing away the dead skin with lulur. Next thing I know her hands were on my boobs happily scrubbing away and massaging. 

I was shocked but it happened so fast that I have no idea how to react. I have never been to spa before so I'm not sure if the spa treatment includes boob massage.  

Taking my hot bath after the treatment. It felt so good.

My flower tea

When I poured in the honey and stirred the tea, it turned yellow.

See! But it taste so good.

I really love the spa experience except for the boob massage part. My package was IDR300,000.00 if I remember correctly. I would say it worth the try but if I want more pamper treat, I would choose full body massage over spa because it less hassle and no boob massage involve.

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