Thursday, August 27, 2015

Uluwatu Temple | Bali

The last itinerary on my Day 1 in Bali was the visit to Uluwatu Temple. The rain stopped after we left Luwak coffee plantation but I got a little headache due to the drizzle and the long drive to Uluwatu Temple made it even worse. By the time I reached Uluwatu Temple, I lost my enthusiasm. 

But the flock of excited tourists revived my spirit. Everyone was lining up to get sarong or sash, every visitors are required to wear either one on them. I picked a yellow sash since I was already in my maxi dress and kimono cardigan. 

Upon entering, Pak Putu warned me about the wild monkeys wandering around the area. So, I had no choice but to leave my hat and sunglass in the car. I'm not a fan of monkeys, so I'll do my best to stay clear from their way.

One of the cheeky monkey having its camera-shy moment. On the right are Canang Sari which translated into prayer offering. It is made from colorful flowers placed on palm leaf. I believe there are many types of prayer offering and each has its own meaning. It is normally place on shrine, the side of roads, houses or shops as a form of thanking the peace that given to the world. I saw it everywhere in Bali and please be respectful and don't go and step on the offering.

More monkeys along the way. Obviously, I stayed close to Pak Putu just in case if one of the monkey decided to jump on me or snatch my camera. Thankfully, none of it happened, phew.

I have zero expectation of Pura Uluwatu (Pura means temple) and I'm glad I did because I was so blown away by the view on the cliff of Uluwatu. 

Just look at the water. the blue gradient, it is so beautiful. Somehow I feel so calm when standing on the cliff looking down at the water accompanied by the sound of waves crushing against the shore. I did wondered how does it feel to just jump into the water right there. Crazy much eh?

But the endless vast sea did look a bit scary to me. 

Sorry dude but I bet the photo will look amazing.

Behind the scenes.

I never knew so much hard work it takes to take a wedding photo. And how dangerous it is too! One wrong step could send them down the cliff or one disturbance from the monkey there enough for me to jump off the cliff hahahha.

Pak Putu encouraged me to stay till sunset and watch the kechak dance performance. I was reluctant because I have a dinner reservation at 6pm at the beach. But kechak dance is significant to the local and I might regret it if I pass on the opportunity.

So, I said yes to the dance and we walked to the other side of the cliff where the temple is located.

View from the other side.

If you look closely, you can still see the couple and the crew doing the pre-wedding photo shoot on the edge.

Should put this photo before the temple one because this is the view of the temple from the side where the couple did their photo shoot. Look at the amount of the tourist! 

Getting ready for kechak dance. This show is not included on your entrance fee. IDR125,000 or less than that is charged for pax for the show. 

The show lasted for an hour and the sun set was wonderful but the dance itself was slightly boring for me. There was no music and the men were chanting chak chak chak during the entire show. The story line was good but the chanting can easily made me lost focus on it.

At Bawang Merah for my seafood dinner. Unfortunately I reached late around 8pm, the sun was completely set and there were not much patrons left. A group of family, a couple and me.

My seafood platter. It was very disappointing because it was not freshly made on the spot. The dish was already cold and they only reheat it. Plus, I spotted a huge rat running across the restaurant. Lost my appetite and didn't finished my meal.

It is common for a group of performers come to your table and serenade you. They came to mine and ask nicely whether I want or not. I refused and confused on how much to tip, so I decline. They politely walked away unlike some of the touts that I met on Kuta Beach. These touts deserved a post of its own because I am still mad at them.

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