Thursday, August 13, 2015

Favorite work trip

I was away for cross functional team engagement program by my company at Thistle Resort Port Dickson last week. It was the best work trip ever for me. Not only that I get to learn more about myself, we had awesome outdoor activities and we stayed in a resort. It didn't feel like work at all.

You know I really means it when I said this is my favorite work trip ever because I rarely write about my work stuff here. 

I got excited when I received the itinerary for the 3D2N program, everything is outdoor and definitely my kind of activity, I miss being active in outdoor activities and this brings back so much great memories when I was in Uni.

My evening was spent at a pool overlooking the sea to watch the sunset. The pool is secluded and away from the screaming child. It felt more like a private pool for us.

Taking an afternoon dip after rafting on the sea with my colleagues that I met for the first time.

One of the activity is rafting which is something new to me. Each teams need to build their own raft and it was a race. None of us have experience in rafting, let alone building a raft. We just go ahead with whatever that we know and built our raft. Halfway through our race, one of our float totally burst. -____-

Everything looked so easy when I watched them on the shore but once I was on the raft, it was a constant paddling and such an energy consuming activity. Our bamboos were uneven and made padding a hundred times harder. No wonder we got the last place. 

But we redeemed ourselves in Amazing Race and Maze and our drama. During the blindfolded Maze game, I knocked against chairs, bottles and other obstacles. And now my legs, thighs and even butt are covered in bruises. 

My favorite activity during the whole program is the Leap of Faith where we jump off a 4 meters(maybe) pole. I'm not exactly scare of height but the idea of jumping off a 4m pole did scared me a little. Initially, I wanted to skip but everyone was cheering for me and they made it seemed so easy. 

Climb, climb, climb, stand up and jump. So, I decided to give it a go. I mean, YOLO!

Look at my poker face, lol. Truth is I don't really think much when I climbed the pole. I didn't even know what to expect.

It wasn't that scary when I reached the top. I even smiled so wide up there.

See? All thanks to my colleagues and instructors down there that cheered for me.

And jump! That free falling feeling was surreal and it happened so fast that I couldn't process it in my mind. 

But I felt so great like I just ticked something off my bucket list.That feeling of accomplishment really made my day. The Leap of Faith is the highlight of the program for me. Maybe I can try bungee jumping next time, maybe only la,

My teammates and I. We are the winning team for the program and I'm so glad that I went because I really learnt a lot about myself. Some of the activities really help me to put things into perspective and understand why I did what I did. It is sort of like a behavior and mind study to help you to see what kind of characters that you have and others around you.

I tested the bf with the same set of questions to determine what kind of brain color (which explain traits and characteristic) he has and it is very true. The description really fits him and guess what? His brain color has the highest difficulty in communicating with my brain color. No wonder I always get frustrated when talking to him. FOL. We are always bickering with each other and never come to an agreement. The easier way for us is to drop the subject. This is definitely FOL.

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