Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Neighborhood dogs

Two months ago when I was getting ready to leave for work in the morning, I spotted a cute dog outside my gate. She looked tame albeit slightly dirty. I have never see her around before. I left for work and came back in the evening, she still around. This time I patted her.

She looked so innocent and just wanted someone to play with her. One thing that I can confirmed is that she's not a stray because she got her collar on. Every time I walked Pino, she walked alongside with me. I named her Nomi.

For a few days, I only spotted her alone but my mom found her owner and they lived a few houses away from us. One day, when I was walking Pino, I stopped by the house and guess what?

She has puppies!

Oh my God, these puppies are the cutest thing ever. They are so small and soft looking. I guess they only a few weeks old. When I first saw them, they can barely walk and still drinking milk from their mama. Fast forward to almost 3 months later, these pups are the most active doggies I have ever see.

My heart melts <3 p="">
Meet Kiki, she's the laid back version of her brother.

This is Koko, the hyper active puppy that loves your attention

I'm such a dog person that it doesn't take long for me to fall in love with these 3 dogs. However, I am really mad at their owner. I first discovered Nomi because she was running away from her house. I found out the owner always locks and leave them in her porch area for days without feeding them. Nomi escaped through the iron gate shown below because she is so skinny.

She just gave birth to 2 puppies and her owner didn't feed her regularly. Most evenings I would feed her and her little family some leftover food. They seems so happy and devoured the whole bowl in seconds especially Koko.

This was taken months ago, now they both had grown up and displays totally opposite attitude.

When I walked Pino in the evening, I often brought them along and they would run happily with him, except that Koko is such a bully to Pino. Maybe they just want to be friends with Pino but I have to admit that Pino is a bit snobby and has a strong alpha male attitude. So, our evening walks often consists of me chasing Koko to stop chasing Pino meanwhile Nomi blocking Kiki from chasing Pino too.

These puppies are so active that I often found them fell in the drain and had to rescued them. One time, Kiki was missing for 2 days and I thought she was gone for good. But at 5 am, I heard a loud barking just outside my house. I knew it must be her, True enough, I found her barking form the drain and covered in mud. 

More than 1 week ago, the same thing happened. Kiki was missing again. I didn't see her for days when I fed them. I thought she would come back like she did before but until now she still remains missing. Then 5 days ago, Nomi is missing too. Maybe she went looking for Kiki but it's been days and they both still remain missing.

I'm so sad and did tried to look for them. I searched around my neighborhood and shouted for them but no response, I'm really worry because it is been too long and I have no idea what happened to them.

Did Kiki fell into the drain again and didn't make it this time because it rained quite a lot lately and surely the water level is high. The drain was dry and empty when I first found her. I scare that she got washed away by the current. What happens to Nomi then?

She's adult dog and surely she know how to save herself. My mom speculated that somebody must have taken Kiki because she's cute. Could the owner took them away perhaps? Because they now hang around in front of my house instead of their owner's house. 

Koko is still active these day but he looks really lonely and sad that his mother and sister are missing. I hope Kiki and Nomi will come back soon. These are the dogs that greet me everyday once I step out of my house and I am already emotionally attached to them. I really miss seeing all of them playing together.  I wish for them to come back and reunite again.

I just found out that Nomi was taken by municipal council as they claimed her as stray dog. She is not a stray! She has her collar on. It's been 3 weeks I think and I just contacted my friend from the municipal. She informed me that after 3 months if nobody claim the captured dogs, they will be put down. T_T

I don't want that to happen to Nomi, I love her as my own. I did went to her owner house to talk to her about claiming Nomi back but she didn't even come out from her house. I was positive that she heard me calling her but no response. I'll try again tomorrow or else I myself will claim Nomi.

As for Kiki, she's still missing. I'm not sure where she is.

And Koko, he got really sick last week and vomited more than 7 times in the span of 4 hours. He refused to eat and lost weight. We had horrible storm 2 nights in a row and he was cold and shivering outside. When I found him underneath our car in the morning, my mom almost ran him over, accidentally of course. He was all wet and cold. We took him in and he rested 2 days in our porch, still refusing to eat. His body is covered with ticks too.

I was really worry that I will lost Koko too. Luckily on the third day, he got better and started to gain his appetite again. Today, his owner gave him bath. He is all fresh and clean, so full of energy and I'm so happy for his development.

Next thing that I need to do is rescue Nomi from the municipal council.

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