Friday, August 14, 2015

Luwak Coffee Plantation, Bali

Another must do activity when you visit Bali is to try their famous Luwak coffee, it is not only famous, it is also recognized as the world most expensive coffee. Lucky for me, the visit to Luwak coffee plantation is included in my package as it is on our way to Uluwatu.

The unfortunate part is that I forgot the name of the plantation. Actually, the plantation that I visited is just a mini one, the real plantation is far from town and I think it is not open for visitor. Pak Putu was waiting for me outside along with other drivers while I explored the mini plantation.

First off, I was greeted by a guide and she brought me in. The entrance was filled with plantation of Arabica coffee. They planted others plant as well such as cinnamon, vanilla etc. Walking through the planting area really reminds me of my field trip during uni.

And then, we were greeted by the star of the day, Luwak. A baby Luwak actually. They only keep one Luwak there as exhibit but rest assured, it is well taken care of. Luwak coffee is originated from Luwak poop.

Yeah, you hear that right, the Luwak coffee that you I drink is the feces of a cat. Luwak is fed with coffee bean. They eat the cherries and pulp but the bean remains intact which will be eliminated as feces after 24 hours. 

The feces in its original state. These feces will be collected, washed and left out to dry.

And then it will be roasted like this. I'm not a coffee drinker but the scent of roasted coffee bean really good. It was strong yet not overwhelming.

The final step is to pound the roasted bean into powder. They do sell Luwak coffee bean if you prefer to brew your own coffee.

Tada! The final product.

After the demonstration, I was led into an open air area for coffee tasting. Besides Luwak coffee, they do have other variations of coffee too. 

My 12 glasses of coffee. 

I have never drink this much coffee in my whole life, let alone in one seating. As I was alone, I have no one to share the coffees with. I just took a few sip of the coffee to see which one I like better. After a few sip, everything taste blend together and taste the  same to me, except for those with strong distinctive taste such as red ginger coffee and ginseng coffee. I like ginseng coffee the least.

My coffees list. All of the coffees are free for tasting except for Luwak coffee. I didn't try it because 1) I'm not willing to pay 2) I don't even drink coffee, so I can't compare how it taste 3) I already having hard time finishing the 12 glasses of coffee. 4) Full bladder.

Forever alone high tea   coffee, hahahha

I bought 2 packets of Luwak coffee for my family and friends. It is indeed the world most expensive coffee. Around RM140++ for 200gram ( maybe, I forgot). I did try the coffee at home and it does taste good, easier to gulp down and no bitter aftertaste. 

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