Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dreamland Beach, Bali

After my tour to GWK, Pak Putu asked if I wanted to detour and stop by Dreamland Beach. We passed by the entrance when we're on our way earlier and he said the beach is really beautiful. I have always love beach, of course I said yes.

We drove past golf course, private estates and shopping center under construction before reaching Dreamland. We have to park our car at the parking lot nearby and took a mini van down the steep slope to the beach because public vehicles are not allowed there. 

I was skeptical at first because the sight that greeted me once I got off the mini van wasn't quite pleasant. Stray dogs were everywhere and I tried to steer clear of them because I have read about dogs in Bali mostly infected with rabies.

Walked further down, I walked past stagnant pond filled with black water and littered with trash. What an eyesore. But I still got my hope high as I observed more and more tourist walked down the beach direction past vendors that sell ice cream and grilled corn.

But what I saw upon reaching the beach took my breath away. The sea water is so blue and beautiful.

My kind of paradise.

Although it was an overcast and windy day, the beach still packed with visitors. So packed that you cannot get a photo without a group of people photobombing you. There is restaurant nearby but it is only for their hotel guest I guess.

If I have a change of clothes and some extra time to kill, I will definitely walk further away to the right as it was quieter and less crowded and lay down my sarong and relaxing there. But I have no idea that we will stop by as Pak Putu suggested this last minute so I have to pass on the opportunity.

Red flag but people still swimming in the sea. #YOLO for them

I really love to stay longer but we had to leave as I wanted to continue my tour to Luwak coffee plantation and Uluwatu to catch the sunset.

If you're planning on lazing around doing nothing but hanging out by the beach, I definitely recommend Dreamland. It will better if you come in the morning when the beach is less crowded or you could just walk to the right side to a secluded area and have the beach all by yourself. My take of Dreamland, it is a beautiful hidden gem but the people there need to stop littering in the stagnant pond and take care of the surrounding area. 

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