Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back to back vomit sessions

My June started off a little bumpy as I contracted some sort of stomach flu or food poisoning. I came back from the kampung earlier than my family as I needed to start working the next day. I remember being hungry on the way from kampung because we were rushing and the bf only managed to tapao-ed kampua which I'm not fond of.

Naturally, I only took a few bites and left it. I was ecstatic for our dinner plan because we were going for sushi. My favorite!

Since I'm practically in hunger the whole day, I may be went a little over board with my sushi. 3 plates of egg sushi and 3 plates of salmon. That was more than enough for me. But I had two chawamushi too. Don't judge me okay, I was hungry. 

When the night came, that's when the real trouble come. I was feeling bloated and a bit sick when going to bed but ignored the feeling. Usually, I have no trouble going to sleep but that night was a nightmare. Literally. 

I tossed and turned, not sure whether I was dreaming or waking up. Everything was a blur and my body felt so tired but my mind was wide awake. Come to think of it, I think I was having dream inceptions. 

But the sick feeling I had earlier became stronger and that was when I couldn't hold it any longer. I ran to the toilet and threw all of my dinner out. I was relieved afterward and thought that was the end of it. It was 5.14 am that time, 2 more hours before I need to wake up for work.

At 7am, my alarm rang and as though my stomach hated being woken up, the nausea feeling was back, stronger this time and I barely made it to the toilet. I ermm splashed some vomit on the floor. This time my stomach was empty and it was bile. 

I was feeling tired and weak. There was no way I could make it to work that day. So I took a sick leave. Lucky I did because I vomited again 2 hours later. I felt horrible and in great discomfort.

What pissed me off was when I went to the doctor. I went to my usual clinic at Simon Yii and he barely checked me for more than 5 minutes. Gave me injection and some pills to stop vomit. 

But his jab didn't work because I vomited again at 12 noon.

Then I took my pill and napping the whole day and feeling better at night.

Thank God the vomit series has come to an end now but I'm still feeling bloated. Probably indigestion problem. Gonna buy some banana tomorrow.

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