Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Capsule Container Experience

Cheat post ahead! Copied it all from my Dayre because I feel like I want to. HAHAHA

So I have always wonder how does it feel to stay in hostel/dorm or even sleeping in a container. Well now I wonder no more because I've stayed in the Capsule Container in KLIA 2. 

This is my container. I opted for a 12 hours stay because I had 14 hours layover. It was RM100 plus tax which I gladly paid because I can no longer sleep on the floor at the airport or Tune hotel.
Surprisingly, the mattress is super soft and the space is not as small as I thought it will be. It is limited but comfortable enough for me. There's no door though, you will have blind that you can pull down when you're sleeping.

All of the containers are stacked together like in the photo. Lucky I got the lower bunk because it is quite troublesome if you got the top bunk. Have to climb up using the metal stair and probably will woke your lower bunk roommate up when climbing up especially if you are not a graceful climber like my container mate did that night.
I asked for a locker since I have luggage and backpack to store. Their lockers are however located outside, next to the check in counter. Which is very troublesome la. Like I need to take my pj and toiletries from my locker, walked past 2 electric doors which need to be opened by using your container card. The 2 electric doors are good measure for safety but location of the locker is too troublesome to get access to la if you know what I mean.
I already got my pj but forgot my undies, so have to back to get it again. It is a short distance but really troublesome. Like the next day, after my shower, I need my make up case which I forgot. So I need to go out to the locker to get it with my wet hair dripping. Lucky the check in counter was empty. It will be better if the locker storage is located near the container for convenience. But then it probably be too loud because of the metal locker clanking everytime you open it

My container tour! Hahaha they provide you with mirror compartment for your makeup but terrible lighting so can't do make up here.

You will have phone which is used to wake you up once your time is up. They have 6 hours stay and 12 hours stay. So once your option staying hours is up, you have to check out or else they will ring you to chase you out hahaha. Have a charging station too. Not sure what is the ventilation there for but probably for aircond. I put my hand there to feel the air but feel nothing leh. But don't worry la, it is not hot inside.

Pulling down my blind and I'm ready to snooze. Can see the shadow of the stair outside. Oh yeah, they provide you with clean towel too. So no need bring your own.

Now bathroom tour! So you will share bathroom with others. There are 2 showers with hot water and 3 toilets. The hot shower seriously feels like heaven sent after you been travelling the whole day. The bathroom is clean too.

The simple shower room. Oh yeah, I wish that they provide flip flop because you will need it for showering. In case that you're travelling in heels or sandal, sure you don't want it to get wet. Lucky I got mine. Or else you will have to shower bare feet. 

Make up station! They have hair dryer so no worry for wet hair.

And giant mirror for your OOTD hahahaha
Overall it was a good stay for me because of my long hour layover and I need a place to crash for the night. Except that other patrons were quite noisy eg. walking and talking loudly. Their wifi is reliable too.

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