Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My first ever solo trip oversea

The story of how I ended up with my first ever solo trip oversea is a stupid one. It is started off as sweet getaway with my bf. I briefly told him that we should visit Bali sometimes and he nodded yes. Came the day Airasia announced its promotion, I was online looking at flight ticket.

Sure enough, it was cheap. Less than RM270 for a return flight. Scored! So, I texted him to confirm and guess what! He took forever to reply as I need to confirm the date for travelling, my patience was wearing thin.

In the end, I did booked the flight but only for myself.

Fast forward one year later (yes, I booked my flight a year earlier), the bf still haven't book his flight and the date for my trip is drawing closer. One day I was scrolling Facebook and stumbled upon a video about things-to-do-before-settle-down and it mentions travelling solo.Link here as I have no idea how to embed the video here.

So I challenge myself to go ahead with the trip and get out of my comfort zone. I had prepared myself for this solo trip by reading tons of articles and research about Bali.

Generally Bali is a safe place for a solo female traveler but I don't want to take anything for granted. At least not my safety. I've spent hours on the net reading travelling post on Bali and even Googled-view the street of Bali.

When I touched down in Ngurah Rai International Airport and anxiously walked past the immigration counter, "I am in a new place on my own" this thought crept into my mind. The fear only came when I saw my driver from the hotel pick me up.

Lots of "what if" ran in my head. What if my driver kidnap me? What if he drove me somewhere and rape me? What if he rob and murder me? I have no data plan, I can't text my friends and family at home. Oh my God, they gonna find out about my murder on the news"

I got carried away with my what if as you can see. It was a drizzled Saturday night and the traffic was bad. We drove through some dark alleys, short cuts I supposed and my panic grew.

After what it felt like an eternity (half an hour actually) we reached the bustling city of Kuta. When my hotel came in sight, I was so relieved. That was the only panic attack that I got for my first ever solo trip. Afterward, I blend in like other tourist immersing myself with Bali.

Happy and contented

I had an awesome time on my own exploring Bali. The only time that I'm looking forward to come home was when I'm running out of Rupiah. True story, I don't even have enough Rupiah to purchase a bottle of Coke which I had to return to the counter when I realized I had no more money on me. I blame it all on the touts at the Kuta beach. But that's another story for me to tell another time.

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