Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gawai at Song

Finally I'm able to stay at home at night and sit down properly to update this space. Gawai this year was a little special and different for me. For starter, it is the first Gawai without my paternal grandmother. And this is also the first Gawai for the bf.

This is not his first trip to my longhouse as he came earlier this year for my grandma 'ngetas ulit' ceremony. Still it is an eye opening experience for him to be part of Gawai celebration. I feel so thankful that he had fun mingling and getting to know my extended family and relatives. 

It was a chillax trip balik kampung for me to recharge before going back to my daily grinds. I left my camera in my room the whole time and only managed to snap some photos on the last day while we were waiting for my express boat. 

The famous Song wharf. I posted a picture of me here on Facebook and most of my friends asked "Song Wharf?"

I love my camera for giving me flawless look

Milo ice cream on a hot day, perfect!

The so called First Class in the express boat

How deceiving the title is as I practically write nothing about Gawai. If you are a long time reader, you would know that I hate going back for Gawai. As I grow older, I don't hate it that much anymore. However, it doesn't excite me much either. 

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