Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Money is not everything

This has been the toughest week for me personally. I had a huge row with my parents regarding of money. Their complain, I do not give enough to cover their expenses. Little did they know, I barely have enough to cover for my own expenses. I only been working for 2 years plus and starting to have own commitments too, how much do they expect me to give them? On certain occasion when there is festival or emergency, I have never fail to chip in for them and lighten their burden. And I always give money for them every months since the first month I'd started working.

My own saving has been depleted to almost 0 due to so many unexpected occasions but  that doesn't mean I will stop living my life. Yes, I travel a lot. That's my passion. I booked my tickets sometimes a year ahead during promotion, I hand carried everything to save money, I stayed at budget hotel and use public transports most of the time. That's how I travel mostly. But I splurged on food admittedly.

Another complain that I've heard is I shopped a lot. I always been shopping a lot when I was young. I'd save all of my pocket money (RM10) per week to buy any thing I'd desired. Same goes for now. I bought stuff online only when I saw free shipping and discount/sale. I worked hard for my money and I deserve to spoil myself anyway that I wanted.

When I brought home heels my size, the response I got "Oh, so you money to shop hor" Fuck you. Whenever I see heel in my size, which is very rare with the possibility of 1%, you bet I grab those.
"You got money to travel hor" I rather starve myself than to not travel when I'm young. I don't want to live life the way you do.

I wish they know my struggle and I wish they learnt to live within their means.

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