Thursday, June 12, 2014


Every girls have their dream bags. The bag that you keep thinking about, the bag that you have been saving every penny for. Some spent huge amount of times stalking and scrolling through social media to admire their dream bags. Some went on advance research mode and started bookmarking forum and websites regarding their dream bags. Don't tell me I am the only one doing this.

Now that I'm earning my own moolah, the road to own my dream bags (yes, it's bagsss) should be nearer each day. Sadly for me, the road only getting nearer by an inch, can't blame myself. Putting down my hard earned money on a designer bag is still not really high on my priority. My dad will be really proud of me if he read that last sentence. I'm not in a rush and still saving for it.

I refuse to go down the path of knockoff. Or the fancy word inspired. 

I have a Mango bag which is inspired from Givenchy Antigona. When I first bought it, I have no idea it was an inspired piece until I saw a video in Youtube featuring Givenchy Antigona. By then it was too late,I already bought the bag. So I inspected it further and realized it is really just an inspired piece, not one-to-one copied from the Antigona. Phewww...

But it is a different story for this bag

Totally knockoff for RM509.90 with the exact brand name sold at my local department store. I pity Michael Kors or his designer.

So, what's your stand on this? Share with me if you don't mind.

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