Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's on your mind?

At the beginning of the year, I've made a list of resolutions which included to write more in my blog. I know I I've failed this one without checking my archive. No time to write, nothing to write, not inspired to write. I guess all those are excuses.

The real reason for lack of updates is probably that more people that I know read my blog, I feel restricted to express myself because I'm scared of being judge.

Why she only post pictures of herself?

Again, another lovey dovey post of her and her bf?

Another seeker! Getting all emo also need to tell the whole world.

Those are just in my head of course, I have no idea what's going through their mind when they read my blog. Last few years I wrote freely because nobody know the existence of this space. I'm not saying that I don't like people read what I've wrote because the purpose of the blog is to share. It's just that feel different when people that I know read what I wrote here.

All the jumble thoughts in my head, they know. It becomes scary because I don't want them to know everything but at the same time, I need to express myself somewhere. A physical journey won't do it for me because I ehem need spelling check to spell some words. Yup, the convenience of spelling check here has finally takes its toll on my grammar sadly.

But after some thought, I've decided to be just myself, to write whatever I want, to rant, to whine, to be emo etc because after all, I'm only human that experience the up and low of life.

And this is the space where I want to document my life.

So, cheers to a new start (?) where I'll be writing more here.

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