Sunday, June 8, 2014

Charcoal Bun @ Jack Pork

I'm quite happy that lots and lots of new cafes popping out in Sibu now. At least I will have more options now since I'm eating out quite a lot. Mostly for lunch and dinner I eat outside because it is convenient and sometimes I even had my breakfast outside too. Seriously, I couldn't remember the last time I cooked a proper meals, must have been months ago.

Few weeks ago, the bf and I decided to Jack Pork which famous for its burger. I'm not a huge fan of burger (it's pasta all the way for me) but I was still keen on trying it anyway.

The menu

They have everything from burger to pasta and Asian noodles and rice selection too. So if you're not keen on burger, you can try others too. Don't worry, there's always something for everyone.


This picture looks so weird as if the bf has super long hands lololol

The bf opted for stewed pork rice because he's truly definition of Asian. Kidding alright, he just loves his rice. His stewed pork rice taste quite good and his complain was the portion is too small. 

I settled for Jack Pork Classic Burger with the charcoal bun

The portion was huge and the food was good especially the bun. This set costs around RM13.80 which has ice lemon tea included. So, quite affordable la. Maybe next time I'll come back for their pasta after I lost some weight. I'm aiming for 42kg now. hehehe If you know my height, this is my kinda ideal weight. So, don't tell me I'm too thin because I'm definitely not.


Top - Plan Jane tee from InsideHerWardrobe
Skirt - Cotton On

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