Monday, April 14, 2014

Sara 25th Birthday

Last Friday I went out with the girls to celebrate Sara's birthday. I remember I blogged about her birthday here last year. Wow, I really can't believe the year goes by so fast. I means we're all 25 years old now, feel so old yet so I still feel like nothing has changed ever since. 

My ootd for the night
Top: Topshop
Skirt: I only remember I got this at Melaka

The birthday girl

Mee sua was out so we settled for tang hoon 

Fisherman catch

Ceaser's Salad

Selfie with my smudged eyeliner
I haven't put on full make up for a really long time that I kinda lost the skill, not that I have any skills to begin with. Haih..

With le Miao 

The girls

The girls minus yu fen plus hoe

All of us

It was a really fun and filled with laughter night. We talked and talked for 4 hours straight and laughed so loud. Sometimes a company like this is all you need to makes things better. Happy birthday Sara! May all of your wishes come true, especially the first one. hahaha.

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