Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snippet of my week

I miss writing about my everyday life, so here's a snippet of my week last week. I have been away from most of social networks because the bf was back and I want to spend as much time as possible with him since he's only be back for a short week.

Sing K session at The Terminal

It was a bad day for the bf because he got a sudden gastric attack which lasted until the next day. I totally understand how bad it can be because I had that horrible gastric pain before. It just happened out of sudden. 

Lately I had been noticing how unbalance my face is, the left profile and right profile are obviously not balance. It could be the angle as well, maybe I just need more camwhoring practice. I really has lost the camwhoring mojo.

Stalking the bf singing from afar since I can sing, so I only sat at a corner listening to him singing.

This is us fooling around during lunch while waiting for our food

My Tomyam Fish Mihun soup so yummy 

Bf's Samba Mee

We were having lunch at Mistu Shabu Shabu that day and when I walked in, I immediately greeted by oh so delicious steamboat scent like Tian Xiang Hui Wei and told bf we should try their steamboat. I haven't had their steamboat since the longest time ever, I think it was 4 or 5 years back.

So you guess where we had our dinner that night. I had seafood+lamb+beef for my steamboat, it was good but since their soup base is clear, so do not expect your soup to be full of flavors. I really regretted having lamb that night. I threw up before bed because I feel nausea due to the lamb. The taste of it lingered on my throat and really made me wanna throw up and I did. I guess I'll stay away from lamb from now on.

It was Sara birthday last Thursday so we had her birthday dinner at Bisteca Bistro. Went to 96 for a quick beer afterward. Great company for a great night.

With Yu fen

It's funny how we don't know that we were in the same National Service camp for 3 months and only found out about that after we left the camp. All this while we thought that we knew each other through Sara. Funny how small this world can be. Actually the bf and me were also in the same camp and we didn't even know it until we were together.

With the birthday girl, may all of your wishes come true girl

I saw the most gorgeous rainbow the other day, basically it has all the rainbow colors and so bright and clear. The little thing in life that makes me happy.

Donuts and healthy desserts for late lunch on Saturday.

I think I need to take more photos in my everyday life because I can't seem to recall what I did after few days later. Sometimes it feels like time is just flying by and I have no memory of it. Maybe I need a camera. 

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