Monday, February 3, 2014

CNY 2014

For those whom read my Dayre, sorry this will be another cheat post. I miss my blog so much and feel like a bad mother for abandoning it for so long. 

This is my second year celebrating CNY with the bf. Last two years it was spent with friends at a club or yamcha-ing, but now we're going to his grandparents house as one of his family tradition. This is one of the aging syndrome wtf. Family always come first. Disclaimer here, if you think that I'm abandoning my own family on Chinese New Year, you're wrong then. My family, as in my parents and my siblings do not celebrate Chinese New Year as we're not Chinese. However, my immediate families eg. my paternal aunts do celebrate as they're married to Chinese.

CNY eve

I had reunion dinner at the Ngu's and we had steamboat which seems like a popular choice of reunion dinner this year. Yummy!

My helper to 排年货。It's more like I put it in the container and he took it out.

Full after dinner, so it's camho time

My favorite part of CNY is the fireworks when the clock strike 12. 

When I was younger, I used to sit on my roof which connects to my balcony outside my room to watch the fireworks. Something just never gets old.

CNY Day 1

Maybe it's the age, maybe it's the environment, somehow I feel so tired on the first day. 

Had the traditional red wine chicken soup mian xian to start the day

Kena photobombed wtf

As usual, the first house that we went to was his grandparents place. Then we continued to some of his relatives and parent's friends.

I put on fake eyelashes this year. I have the eyelashes from The Face Shop which I used last two years and it still in good condition. Maybe because I've only used it twice in the span of two years.

And I hate it. I hate putting on fake lashes. It makes my eyelids heavy and uncomfortable.  no more next time.

CNY Day 2

And this is the reason I slept around 3am for the past 3 days. I didn't play but acted as coach to the bf. Not bad what, I helped him win RM60++.

I immediately regretted the decision to stay up that late when I woke up with back pain and throbbing headache. But when the night came, I seemed to forget that and repeated the same circle. I spent CNY Day 2 at my own home nursing my headache. Stupid headache came before noon and I had to sleep it off afrer gulping down Panadol. The original plan for CNY Day 2 was to go to my boss open house.
We planned a very last minute advanced birthday surprise for my lil sis.
I bought some cookies and cake flour just in case if I feel like baking. I also bought custard filling which I thought was the whole custard thing. Only realized it was just the filling when I started making it. #domesticfailed
I swear I'm not pregnant. My shirt stuck at the counter hence the budging stomach.

CNY Day 3
初三was spent visiting open houses with the bf and his secondary school friends. This is my second year joining them so it was less awkward as I sort of know them already.
The only awkward moment was when one of his friend mom giving out ang pow and missed out me.

We went back to the bf house in the afternoon because it was too hot and continued gambling. This time it was blackjack. I bailed because I don't really like blackjack.
Afterward I went visiting with my close friends

Somehow we ended up yamcha-ing at Tanahmas. #CNYfailed

All of us. I love how bitchy all of us together hahaha

At last, we went back to Sara's place for dinner

Our delicious spread.

And now I'm just finished baking cookies with my cousins. It was a messy job but what else do you expect when you bake with a 2 years old and 12 years old. Nonetheless, our cookies turned out delicious. 

I felt so tired by the end of the day but felt like my day well spent despite some little things that upset me. I hope you guys had a great long weekend too.

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