Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bag organizer

Remember the bag organizer that I'd rave about in the previous two posts? I'm not exactly a neat person, so basically I just throw everything into my bag and dashing out of the house. Every time I have to get into my car, I need to ransack my whole bag, especially if I'm carrying a big tote. Same case when my phone ring, by the time I found my phone, it stops ringing already.

Having a bag organizer helps me a lot. I'm having less trouble finding my car key and my phone screen is not getting scratched as much as before. Last time, I'd changed my screen protector twice a month because my keys scratched my screen. -______-

My bag organizer filled with my necessity when I was outstation last month.

Every compartments serve its purpose well and I have no trouble looking for my stuffs anymore.

With book and charger, I'm all set for a long haul waiting for flight.

That's how the organizer looks like in my tote.

If I change my tote, I just need to take out my bag organizer from this tote to another. No fuss in taking everything out and throw it to another tote. Easy breezy. I got my bag organizer from Watson at Star Mega mall for RM11.90 if I'm not mistaken. 
Happy Sunday peeps!

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