Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tough and tougher

This week had been a rough one for me. Monday was super tiring, been out and about, rushing here and there for work from 8.30 am till 5.30 and attending work related event at night.  Since I already in my second month for this new job, it's time for me to get into the field, familiarizing myself with what's the market prospect out there. I have to admit, I'm suck at remembering names and faces unless if that person really catches my attention or leaves a great first impression. Or else, I never can't remember any of them. Like for example, one of the boys already met me in a club two years ago, but I seriously have no memory of that at all and thought we just met this year. -_-  That's why I'm struggling hard to remember the names and faces of the people that I will work with in the future. 

Tuesday was no better as well. I don't know whether is it because I'm PMS-ing or the work keep piling up, I felt super tired at night. I barely have any energy to go out these days. So, my routine had been pretty mundane. Work, home then sleep, next day wake up again and repeated the same things. *yawn*

However, I took leave on Wednesday and felt so productive because I managed to tick off almost everything on my to-do-list. Renew passport, going for two separate bank business, taking passport pictures and went to Digi Center, everything were done in just 3 hours. And what's more greater was, I wasn't even up early. Mom was nagging since I only woke up at 10.30 am. She said I might not even get my passport done if I keep procrastinating deciding what to wear. -_-

I went to restock my masks as a reward for myself. I feel like I had been letting myself go way too much lately. Hair is all messy and need treatment and trim so badly, stupid zits are popping out of nowhere and dark circles are becoming permanent resident under my eyes. Arrgggh!

I don't know what's wrong with me but I find that retail therapy really make me happy, even a small one like a RM4.90 hand cream from Watson. It cheered me up instantly. It proves that the stress from work has turn me into a mess. How to save money la if like this?! I'm really looking forward to June because I have a trip coming up and I'm thinking of getting my first Longchamp Le Pliage at that time. So, die die also must save some money aside, so that I can just shop and shop and shop. 

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