Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday

How did you guys spend your Easter day? I know Easter day had long past but I had been meaning to post this draft since last week, sadly I was busy all the time (I lie, I procrastinate :p). My Easter day was spent Skyping whole day at home and I only went out for the evening Easter mass. 

For the past weeks, I had this weird craving for sushi. I had been going to Sushi Tie at least once a week. They're kind of stingy with their Salmon though, only gave me a tiny roll upon every order. Since Sibu has no other sushi outlets, I am happy to settle for the tiny piece.

With my favorite beef rice

See how small the salmon are, pfft...

April is my favorite month so far because almost every week we have public holiday. I love public holiday, who doesn't? Not waking up to alarm, staying in bed half day just lazying around, life is a bless. During public holiday last week, I spent my day at my sister's office. Poor girl had to work on public holiday.

Sorry for the poor quality

Fat fat go away!

In the end, I got so bored and decided to clean and organize my bag. I really have no idea how the plastic spoon got into my bag, must be from some of my tapao. No make up in my bag, just food hehehe.

Caught these double rainbow when I got home from work

Guess who's back to Sibu last week? hehehe

Xiao S and I tried out the Horlick McFlurry. Quite nice but a tad too sweet 

Guess who has the same bag organizer? 

To end my amazing week, I went out shopping for some work attire. Finally, I found a perfect white skirt which is not too sheer and work appropriate. I really love the orange top though but it is way too expensive T_T.

If you follow me in Instagram, you probably notice the pictures here are the same as in my Instagram. Instagram has been my favorite apps ever and it saves a lot of my time from editing pictures. Hence, the repetition in this blog and my Instagram :p

So, that's a recap of my first half of April. Can't believe we have come to a quarter of 2012, oh man, as cliche  as it may sound, time really flies. So far everything has been so good and I hope the momentum will keep going on.