Monday, October 3, 2011


Another food post as promised! This time I'm going to talk about a toilet concept restaurant. Yes, you heard it right, I was having my lunch on a toilet bowl. And it's not gross at all.

T-bowl, a toilet concept restaurant

Their menu, it's so cute and they have a toothbrush attached to it

Told you, I sat on toilet bowl

Basically, the whole restaurant was designed based on toilet concept. So, you will sit on a toilet bowl and have a sink which covered with glass as your table top. You can see anything toilet related stuff all around you, even the poop. I kid you not, they serve poop ice-cream. It sounds disgusting but I heard it taste real good. Boo, I didn't order the poop ice-cream, so I can't justify the taste.

The person whom brought me to have lunch on toilet bowl

Since you're in a toilet concept restaurant, you shouldn't be surprise if you see they serve your food in a toilet bowl too. Well, they make you sit on toilet bowl, might as well eat from it too. I bet you must be imagining the real big toilet bowl with your food in it hahaha

Our drinks in urinal bowl 
Xiao S's tea really looked like pee LOL

My pudding and Xiao S's soup in a bath tub

Tom yam noodle in toilet bowl

My Guinness pork rib

Not only T-bowl is unique in its concept, the food was good too. I love Xiao S's tom yam soup, it was sour and spicy, just the way I like it. My rice was nice too, just that the Guinness dipped pork rib tasted a bit too sweet for my liking. The next day, I came back to T-bowl for their grilled lamb mix chicken chop (or fish, I can't really remember) which I like cause I can have both instead of choosing either one. Now I can tell everyone that I'd eaten in on a toilet bowl and it's not disgusting at all :p

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