Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today all that I"m going to talk about is FOOD! During my one week stay in KL last month, I had been going around trying all sorts of restaurants and food outlets. Now I know where those extra fats came from. Should attending more yoga and dance class when I'm back to Sibu next week. Gotta shake those fats away ='=

My first dinner. Chicken bento at Midvalley food court. Taste real good!

Mian Mian was having ramen. Extra hot and spicy even I cannot tahan

Actually it was Mian Mian's Lunar birthday the next day (Saturday). So Xiao S and I decided to treat her for lunch. Plus, she had been such a sweet heart chauffeuring us around town, though we got slightly lost even with the help of GPS #totallyfailedinsenseofdirection hahahaha  She wanted to try Ben's at Pavillion, so off to Ben's we went.

The interior of Ben's was nice and cozy and it was jammed pack with crowd. It has 2 sections of seating if I'm not mistaken. The indoor which is warm and cozy and the outdoor which is garden style. We picked the indoor because simply because we were not really into the sun wtf. 

Our Garden something spritz, damn I forgot the name already but it taste like cough syrup

Moi with spaghetti carbonara. Super yummy and fulfilling. I love the bacon in it. 

Xiao S and her fish and chips

If you notice, there's a stack of cards placed on the table (in the yellow cube). It's actually the Recipes cards for their food, Table Topics cards for discussion while waiting for food and Suggestions cards for feedback. The Table Topic was fun and a great ice breaking tool. We're laughing hard at each other crazy answer especially : What's the biggest lie you ever told?

Mian Mian's chicken breast chop 

Mian Mian felt bad that we actually treat her birthday lunch, so she decided to treat us dessert. We went to Snowflakes for some healthy Taiwanese dessert. It was a mixture of red beans, yam, potatoes and some taro balls. Everything was grown organically. It taste good but very fulfilling because it came in big portion.

Our snowflakes

In my next post, I will share my experience eating in toilet concept restaurant. Please don't feel gross because the food was amazing. Stay tuned!

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  1. Aaa suzi! Glad your posting about food, I'm hungry!