Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sakae Sushi, Sephora and me

During my second trip training at KL, my schedule was jam packed with training and assessments. Even on Saturday, I had to drag myself out of bed for a half day course. It was so hard for me to arrange a meet- up with friends, in the end I just decided to stroll alone. It was nice tho, to have some time for myself.

I was craving for some sushi fix and head over to Sakae Sushi at Fahranheit 88. I have to admit it was awkward to request a table for one but I'm so getting used to eat by myself alone now because I always travelling alone.

Surprisingly, I ordered their chicken teppanyaki (or something, I really suck at remembering food name) as my main dish. So much for craving for sushi ='= 

Chawanmushi, it's my must order dish in any sushi outlet

I love the Chawanmushi. I know it was just a simple dish but I tried make it once and failed miserably. It was nothing close to the soft steamed egg. Mine become more like a fried egg, probably because I put it in the microwave instead of slow-steaming it. Pardon my poor domestic skill, I was looking for a short cut to make chawanmushi but after the 3rd try and totally wasting 8 eggs later, I gave up.

I can't remember the name but the salmon was a bit too thin

I had been dying to go to Sephora to check some things out. During my last visit, I couldn't find some time to drop by. So, this time I was determined to check it out. I spent hours eyeing, touching and trying the makeup products and tools. I felt like a kid in a candy land. So much to look at, so much to buy but so little money left T_T

Of course I'm not gonna came out of Sephora empty hand :p

Bought some Soap & Glory stuffs.

I used the bath cube that very night too because soaking up in a hot bath was the best thing ever after all the long walk. The dark circle concealer is great too. It helps to cover up my helpless dark circle. My favorite would be the Scrub Your Nose In It. I have large and clogged pore, but I just find it tedious to always put on nose strips every other night, especially after long day at work, all that I wanna do is hit the shower and straight to bed. Tho the scrub does not completely pulled out my blackhead but it makes it less and refines  my pore as well. I also bought the body scrub and it was better than my last Watson (or is it Guardian?) scrub. Soap & Glory scrubs and cleans well but it left my body with some redness. Maybe because I scrubbed it too hard and the scrub grains were a bit harsh.

Love the top

I tried the top and the pant but I regretted not buying it. When I tried it on, the top was a bit too big for my shoulder and it kept falling off. But now when I looked back at the picture, it looks nice on me. Damn, I should get it on the spot. >"< 

Now I couldn't even bring myself to any boutiques and malls because of my shopping ban. Never mind, two more weeks to go and I should be okay. So far, I'm doing good with the shopping ban and stayed at home almost every night but that's mainly because I got off from work at night and feeling totally exhausted to think about anything else other than my bed. By the way, I got good news to share, I passed my Computerized Unit Trust Exam yesterday. Oh yeah, now I'm a licensed agent, come and invest your money with me :p 


  1. Cantik baju nya suzi..syg d enda beli..haha..n then...sya nmpk sumthing dkt gmbr...katak...hahaha

  2. nya la amy :( rugi ku nda meli..hehehe katak itu logo Sakae Sushi sebenar ya hehehe

  3. haha..x ngawa suzi...dudi ari ga shopping..hehe..nmpk mcm sedap jak mkanan nya suzi...

  4. hehehe bila tua ka shopping sama amy? boleh tahan la mknan ya..sedap..

  5. hehe..tgk bajet lok suzi..enti masing2 dh bc ari ila lusa bru ulih plan bila ka shopping sma..hehe..sya on jak..haha