Monday, October 10, 2011

Money talk

I have a serious problem. I think every girls have. It's very common and there's no scientifically-proven solution for it. I COULDN'T CONTROL MY SPENDING HABIT! Seriously, I've tried before but I failed, everytime. I've made budgets, lists and whatnot. In the end, it became another ignored piece of papers in my notebook. I'm an impulse buyer. Anything that catch my eyes, I'll have a talk with my head and my heart. And the heart wins, almost every time. What the heart desires, the heart get. Haih...

It's time for some serious action before I go completely out of track. So, to save myself and my bank account, I've came to the following actions:

Complete shopping ban for whole month (October)
-I know I was on my shopping ban on September but no surprise, I failed. Last month,  I went to KL twice and just landed on Sibu today after spending the weekend with my aunts and her family at Brunei (will blog about it later). Hopping from place to place made me spent more than I should. I really did the shop till you drop thing. This month, I determine to not buy anything new. *hide away my purse and ATM and credit card*

No more dining out (except with family)
-So, guys, you probably won't see me posting any food/new place post for this month. T_T not being able to dress up and dining out is suck. Maybe, just maybe I could try my domestic skill this month. I haven't properly cook in a long long time.

No more going to movies (except on date)
-This one is doable I think. I don't really go to cinema in Sibu because of the limited showing time and movies selection. Besides, someone owe me a movie date hehehe

No more karaoke/clubbing session
-I will make one exception for this. You won't see me on the dance floor in Sibu but in Kuching, that's probably where you can find me :p Since I'll be in Kuching next week for my convocation, how could I say no to dance the night away with my mates. *evil laugh*

That's my short plan for October. I must by hook or by crook stick to it. *think about the reward...think about the reward*  Of course I'm planning to reward myself for being so determine :p In my next posts, you probably will see some of my hauls and food post, but fear not, all those are back-dated, when I was in KL and Brunei. My official money diet starts today. This sucks.

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