Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Room 18

Food post again ! Sorry peeps, all that I did for the past 3 weeks in KL besides shopping were stuffing myself with food, and training of course :p  I had almost 6 meals a day. Breakfast buffet at the hotel, tea break in the morning, lunch with colleagues, tea time again and dinner with friends and junk food before sleep. No wonder I kept panting and feeling bloated running after the LRT (long story really).

Last time I was there, Xiao S and I explored T-Bowl and Ben's. This time, we went to Room 18 at Berjaya Times Square. We both were really hungry and got lost a little bit in finding Room 18. We were spoiled for choice but in the end we settled down for a combo set for 2. 

Lemon tea and I-don't-remember-what tea

Our set consisted of 2 beverages, Udon with roasted chicken, chicken with prawn wanton, 2 bowls of rice, 2 buns and 2 tomato soups. Man, we're such a glutton.

Udon with roasted chicken

Ok, I'll be honest. Udon is never my favorite and this Udon was the worst that I ever had. It was too floury, if you got what I mean. It felt like I was chewing just the flour and it had a strong taste of flour. A little bit too much, I guess. It was sickening.

Chicken with prawn chicken

This dish looks like it was served for a sick person. And you're probably right because it was almost tasteless. I had to pour in soy sauce and dried chilies to make it edible. Maybe I was being skeptical, but I like my soup to be tasty, not tasteless.


These buns were the highlight of our dinner. The main dishes were so suck that we had to depend on two small buns to fill our tummies T_T  But really, these buns match its name. No.1 buns in the world (translated from Chinese), tho I doubt it is the No.1 buns in the world. We were probably too hungry to notice actually it was just taste alright. ='=

I haven't show you guys the worst part of our dinner yet. It was our tomatoes soups. It looked a bit too disgusting and oily. We only took two sips and completely ignored it. And yes, it tasted too plain as well.

Super oily tomato soup ='=

After dinner, we both went back to hotel because we're too tired to shop around anymore, (read: broke). Back at the hotel, I switched my role and turned into Sensei hehehe. Xiao S was having her Japanese test the next day and yet she came all the way from her Uni to accompany me. Of course, as a true friend soul mate, I drilled her to read her notes and tested her before the real test. :p And of course she passed the test the next day, I think. :D

Poor her hehehehe

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