Saturday, September 3, 2011

The uncertain spark

It's been a while.
Tonight is one of those nights where I'm feeling down all of sudden.
The feeling is so familiar yet I couldn't tell what's wrong.
Everything is fine, it's just me. Me, my head and my heart.
We argue about almost everything. The head is strong but the heart doesn't seems to follow.
These sappy songs in the background brings back too many memories.
The random talks, the midnight dates, the laughter, the tears.
The missed dates, the silent treatments, the fights, the ignorance.
It bothers the heart.
Then comes the 'what if?'
Neither the head or the heart has the answer.

None of these seem to make sense.
Perhaps a good night sleep is all I need.
Hope the unconscious mind will stop making the vivid dreams.
Good night world.

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