Sunday, September 11, 2011

What made my week

Despite my roller coaster emotion ride these past week, I still managed to find some little things that cheered me up in my everyday life. Be it some stupid jokes or a simple gesture, what matters is I feel happy again. These are the simple things made my week better: 

1. Fooling around with my lil sister

Told you, we're fooling around a lot. There's actually a lot more retarded pictures of us but I shall keep that to ourselves. Enough public embarrassing pictures of us. 

2. Mango pudding and warm weather

3. Good food and great company

There's one more thing that definitely can cheer me up (read: retail therapy) but I'm on my shopping ban now. I decided to not buy anything in September because I'm saving for something (a graduation gift for myself). One whole month without any new tops/skirts/pants/bags/shoes/accessories is suck. I have to refrain myself from going out window shopping these days.

Yesterday I went to Toledo with lil sis and they have lots of new arrivals. It's not helping too that the personal shopper brought a whole lots of outfits to our fitting room T.T Plus I tried on a heels which came in my size. It was perfect for work and outing. But I couldn't afford that right now. Okay, I must stay strong and not giving in to any sales right now. 19 days more before I can properly shop. 19 days! 

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