Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The year that was

It's true when they say that weather can affect your feeling. It'd been raining since last night and still is now. I love rainy day, somehow I found it's comforting just to sit in my room with my laptop on and window wide open, listening to the raindrops. Memories flashing back to my mind, as fresh as the cold breeze. Good or bad, happy or sad, each memories have its own stories to tell. The story of how two strangers met, exchanging eye contact for merely one second and pretending to do their own things despite the urge to come over and introduce themselves to each other. 

Opportunity knocked when they're sitting in a group under the small hut after marching practice. With food as the topic, the ice were broken and a new bond was formed. Just like that, they clicked with each other, talking and laughing like they're old friend. They fight over silly things as much as they laugh. Often, they said the opposite of whatever in their mind just to piss each other off. Ego, what a strong character. But they know exactly what's on each other mind even if it's left unspoken. They made up soon after. As two headstrong people are put together, the peace didn't last long before they pick another fight with each other. Everything was simple back then and they're contented. Like it or not, when the times come, goodbyes will be forced to say. They made pact to see each other again.

Time passed and people changed but one thing remains the same; their 'love and hate' friendship. They don't see each other often, more or less once in a year but the feeling is as strong as their first met. Be it 4 years or more had passed, you will always be my favorite memories. See you during Chinese New Year soon, friend.

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