Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheer for 2011

Wow, another 365 days had passed and we're given another chance to start anew. Ah, the bliss of a new year. Poor 2010, it's time to bid him goodbye. It'd been a wonderful year for me, 2010 had taught me a lot, I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I sulked. All in all, I'd grown. 

Hello 2011, I wish you can be greater than 2010. 2011 marks an important year for me because I will graduate this year and leaving behind my days as a formal student. Hopefully, everything will goes according to the plan. I could not afford to screw my final semester, therefore this is my priority this year. 

Next on my list for sure is to decide the path for my future. Honestly, I have no clue yet in this matter. I have no desires or whatsoever for my career, all I want is a stable career but I'm still clueless. Well, I have another six months to think this through. I really need some guidance in this matter, so I'm crossing my finger tightly for the best. 

Among other things that I should focus on this year is to save more $$, spend wisely, be healthier and happier. Dear God, please make 2011 as another great year for my family and my friends and thank you for your blessing in 2010. Here's to another awesome year, cheers 2011. 

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