Saturday, October 3, 2009

Newly Blossom Friendship

Last night I chat with a friend. We talked like we knew each other for a long time albeit the fact that I just knew him recently through Facebook. Before this, he was just a stranger to me, even now he still is. That because he never greet me when he saw me. Yes, he study in Unimas as well. Few weeks ago, he told me that he saw me having lunch at Tower. I didn't realized this because some people are too reluctant to post a clear picture of themselves in their Facebook profile. He is one of them. So I asked him why didn't he say hi to me when he saw me? Obviously I couldn't greet him since I had no idea how he looks like.

His answer is shy, don't want to disturb me having lunch. What kind of answer is that? We chat like an old friend via internet, and when it comes to real life, he suddenly change into a new shy person.

I told him he should have greet me when he saw me, because we are friend. Isn't it right? Lucky after that, he did made an effort to greet me. Though it caught me by surprise but at least now I know who he is in real life.

Most people feel comfortable hiding behind the laptop screen to reach out to others. I wonders why. Maybe I'm one of them. I have a friend, whom I had known since my first year in Unimas. We never really talked before. Well, we did talked but only regarding some important stuffs that I handled since I had to report it to him. Other than that, we are just like any other stranger. But recently, we did our own kind of ice-breaking, through the internet. Only then, I found out we have so much in common. I never knew other people who likes vampire as much as I do.

Just imagine what will happen without the internet. We will never have the guts to reach out to people. As much as I appreciate my friendship with him, one thing still bug me. We still act like a stranger when it comes to reality. Though we talked like everyday on the net, but when it comes to face to face, we have no improvement. Why so? I still wonder.

I myself couldn't imagine how would it be if we actually talk in real life. Awkward? Perhaps. But what kind of friend we will be if we can't even find the courage to greet each other? Why it is always easier to pour your heart out by hiding behind the screen that face to face? Could you be the same person in real life as you are in the net?

I myself often find the comfort in reaching out through the net than face to face. But if I were given a chance or rather, found the guts to break the norm, I would take the chance. I believe it takes an effort to break the wall, from both parties of course. Till then, I'm glad I had the chance to know my friend better.

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