Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Victoria Peak | Hong Kong

Just realized I haven't finish my Hong Kong trip post which I went on last December. I only found out about this when I was going through my photos. The details are quite hazy for me now but I'll just let the photos do the talking.

I remembered that we walked a long way to the Peak Tram Station and my feet quite sore because I was in my ankle boot. That was when I decided that from now on it is always comfort over fashion.

Finally we reached the Peak Tram and the line to buy the ticket was super long

The wax museum is located there too.

But we decided to give the wax museum a miss because errr none of us are interested in it. The line for tram ticket and actually getting on the tram was super long. We waited close to 2 hours and it was super hot in there. Plus some tourists were very rude and kept pushing us. 

So many people

Forced smile because we were tired and grumpy.

The tram was based on first come first serve, so everyone was pushing each other to get on the tram. Seats are limited but it is a short ride anyway. The fun part is that the tram is going almost 90 degrees upward but the scenery is limited .

It was already dark when we reached The Peak

All of us were freezing cold from the wind blowing and seek shelter inside for a warm dinner. After that we all went to the deck to get the night view of Hong Kong city from the peak. Shivering from the cold when the sudden wind blew, I didn't spent much time there. Plus it was crowded tourist that it was hard to get a decent photo without anyone photobombing us.

It was a beautiful night

Super cold

I bet it is spectacular too in day time and maybe less crowd. 

I think the perfect timing to be at the Victoria Peak is during sunset. Imagine how magnificent the view is to watch the sun set against the metropolitan city with that height. Too bad we missed that because we're stuck in queue being jostled by tourist from some country. So,if you want to get the best of both world, start queuing at least from 3pm and stay there till 8pm. You can dine, you can shop and even visit the wax museum.

I guess this is the last installment of my Hong Kong post for now. Till we meet again next time HK! In case you're wondering, yes I do planning to go back again some time in the future.

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