Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our actual wedding day 06/06/2016

I need to stop apologizing for all of the late post on my wedding stuff. What to do, I have a full time job to do and by the end of the day all that I wanted to do is to snuggle up to my husband and talking to my belly. I swear I'm crazy when I said I wanted to talk to my belly. The little one inside is very active these days and I love it when she responses whenever I talk to her.

Anyway, let's talk about my actual wedding day. It was on 06/06/2016. 

And no,we did not chose 06/06/16 because it is special to any of us but because it is the date that can accommodate the people that matter to us to join us on our special day. I was restless the night before and couldn't even sleep properly whereas few days leading to my actual day, I felt nothing.

To make matter worst, I woke up with sore throat and pounding head. FML. My make up artist came at 6.30 am to start on my hair and makeup and I looked like a zombie with horrible dark circle.

I engaged with Cass Bridal Secretary for my make up and hair because I like how natural her make up look. Although I have no idea what kind of make up that I wanted for my big day but I know what I don't want. 

I have gone through some MUA works and cringed at how ridiculous and OTT some are.

The final look. I like that I still look like my usual self just with higher nose bridge and better skin lol. But we have a little problem with my hair. It was so hard to put my hair in place because she curled the strands on the side of my hair and 5 minutes later, it turned straight again. Hair, Y U NO CORPORATE ON MY BIG DAY?!

The groom entourage arrived at around 9 in the morning. So my bridesmaids took the time to do their hair and make up. Relatives started to come and it was very busy and chaotic but in a good way.

With my sister

And my brother

Family photo attempt #1

Family photo attempt #2. The tip of the spray can really annoyed me but at least everyone is looking at the same camera now.

Of course my furry buddy have to be there for my big day

With my bridesmaids.

Thank you for all of my bridesmaids for agreeing to be my bridesmaids on such a short notice. My closest friends couldn't be my bridesmaids due to their work schedule. 06/06/16 was on Tuesday so they couldn't be off work. Luckily our family close friends were available and really helped out during the day. 

With the head of bridesmaids = my brother 

Meanwhile at the groom's house, the preparation started the day before. Both my husband and I are free spirits and not believing in any no basis pantang like bride and groom shouldn't see each other the day before wedding crap. So I was at his place to help  kepo with the preparation.

We are so lucky that there are so many kind souls that willing to sacrifice their time at nil cost to help us out. Thank you so much! And they helped us save so much.

The Xiong Di/Heng Tai are getting ready by filling their tummy

Ready to attack

My bridesmaids and I brainstorming the night before for games and got everything prepared super last minute. I am really a queen of procrastination. I decided on my bridesmaids dress theme a week before the wedding and went on crazy sourcing on the Internet for suitable dresses and most importantly fast delivery.

I specifically asked my bridesmaids to go easy on the games and omitted all the eating games because it is really gross. I mean what is the purpose of torturing the Xiong Di to drown wasabi+soy sauce+chili+ insert any gross food combination shot. Do you want their memory of your wedding to be having diarrhea the whole day? 

The Brothers are getting make over

The real brothers will save their brother no matter what. So cheeky ah, changing the order on their own.

The final game is for the groom where he have to answer some questions about me. And guess what, he only got 2 correct answers out of 5 questions. ='=

Wrong answer never mind la, I still want to marry him. 

My parents

My siblings

Plus my brother's gf

The way my dog look at my husband as if warning him to treat me good. hahahhaha

Arrived at my new home.

We did the usual ceremony of greeting elders in the family and have a simple buffet with friends and family at groom's house before we both crashing on bed and catching up on ZZZZzzzz before getting ready for the wedding reception at night. Who know getting married was so tiring but worth it in the end.

Many had asked me what kind of ceremony I would go for for my wedding. I'm Iban but not a traditional girl so it never cross my mind to have an Iban traditional wedding because I myself have no idea how the traditional ceremony are. Even my parents have no idea. So we decided to go for one ceremony only which is simplified Chinese ceremony and we were already dead tired. Imagine if I have to do two ceremonies, I probably will run away with my groom from my own wedding. Just kidding.

Now give me some time to procrastinate before drafting up the post for my wedding dinner reception.

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