Monday, August 29, 2016


I have been feeling anxious lately. Everything in my life are going on well despite few hiccups (nothing major) but I still feel unease as if I have a dateline that I need to meet soon. Looking back, I think what triggers this feeling is that we are expecting our firstborn soon. (Sorry I dropped the bombshell just like that). But all of my family and closest friends already knew about this from the start and we only officially announced it on social media last week. I was thinking of writing the pregnancy announcement here first but I realised I have way too many backlog posts to clear. This is what happened when I took the time off blogging and now all of my writing mojo are rushing back to me so fast that I couldn't cope up with.

I am on my 22 weeks now and in less than 20 weeks our baby will arrive. So far I have not doing any major preparation for the baby arrival. I mean I'm barely settling down with moving into my in law place. My belongings are scattered in my old room and my new bedroom. I have too much stuff and the other day I was thinking of doing some major decluttering with my belongings because I still have stuff that I've not worn more than years in my keeping. I mean, why would I still keep those? I have no idea.

My progress of decluttering so far, you ask? Well, I have started with my digital belongings. All of my photos are neatly arranged in my hard drive and properly labelled and I'm going to reformat my laptop. Deleting all the software that I no longer use eg: The Sims. I really enjoy the game but seriously I have real life to play now. So the virtual life of my Sims have to go.

Next on my lists are my wardrobe. This time I'm gonna be strict with myself. Anything that doesn't fit or haven't see the daylight in more than a year have to go. Anything that still in good condition, I will sell on my Carousell or give away to relatives. I think this is the hardest part because God know how many times have I tried to declutter/organise my wardrobe, I always failed. Maybe I will try the popular Konmari way and see whether it works for me.

I guess the point of my post today is that I want to try to live minimally, in term of my belongings. And also because storage space is a big problem for me. Our closet is full now but it only contains 1/3 of my clothes and I already dominated the shoe rack in my in laws place. 2 rows out of 5 rows are all my footwear.  

Actually one logical way to solve this problem is to get a place of our own. Trust me, I'm working on it but it is not easy to save up for a property now. One day, I will have a house for my own family. Finger cross that one day will be coming soon.

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