Monday, May 11, 2015

The longest bus ride: Phnom Penh to Siam Reap

After our visit to Tuol Sleng Genocide museum and Killing Field, we're drained by the heat and not willing to venture outdoor anymore. All that we want was air- conditioned place. And the only place that really saved our asses is Nagaworld, the casino.

We were not playing or placing any bets because the minimum bet is 20USD, a little over our budget. So we just roamed around enjoying the air condition and ermm trying to get free drinks from the waitress but they just ignored us ='=

In the end, we asked our driver to drive us to AEON Mall because 1) air condition 2) cheap supermarket food.

But first we stopped by Costa Coffee for drinks.

My green tea tasted way better than Starbucks green tea frappucino

I love their supermarket, it is so well stocked with food and daily supply that I forgot that I was in Cambodia. My favorite part of the supermarket is the food stalls. We tapau-ed some food for dinner and had some much fun eating and laughing in our hotel room.


The only downside is still the hygiene problem. I spotted cockroaches crawling around the stall. Super disgusting!

These ice creams look yummy but I didn't get any.

By the way, Cambodia yogurt is super delicious. I'm serious, you have to try one if you visit Cambodia, just pick any flavor although pomegranate is highly recommended and enjoy it.

The next day we hopped on a bus and left for Siam Reap. I couldn't help but feel like being cheated by our hotel. We booked the bus ticket from our hotel counter and they recommended this bus for us as they said it is fast. We will arrive in Siam Reap after 4 hours. Truth is none of us do any research for the bus ride, so we just agreed.

It turned out to be the longest 8 hours drive in my life. The driver really drove super slow and the road condition was not good. What irked me up was that we kept stopping for passengers to alight and mount. From a comfortable ride, it turned into a super packed bus. Some passengers were sitting on make shift stools in the aisle. 

The longest 8 hours of my life and we prepared no food because we thought we would reach Siam Reap by lunch time. 

The view along the road

Luckily the bus did stopped at a R&R spot for toilet break and snack refill. 

Saw lots of people gathered around this stall so we got curious and took a peek too.

Turned out she was selling tarantula for snack

My lunch

Had to hastily finish the cup noodle because our driver was honking for us to get on the bus. We were quite annoyed because nobody could tell us how long will it takes to reach. Asked the assistant driver and he replied soon. 

His "soon" was 2-3 hours. ='=

Finally reach Siam Reap past 4 pm and we got super confused at the bus terminal. It is literally an empty building in the alley. Like seriously.

As if we haven't got enough of misfortune, our hotel pick up only send one tuk tuk for 6 persons plus luggages.

Yeah, Mekong Angkor Deluxe Hotel, you suck :(

We wasted close to one hour there waiting for another van to pick us up. Just like that a day passed and we spent it on the so called 4 hours bus ride and one hour of waiting for hotel pick up. But the next day turned out to be great because we visited the famous Angkor Wat which deserves a post on its own.

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