Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The day I've decided to cook birthday dinner for my mom

So, someone turned 47 27 over the weekend.
woot woot!

Happy birthday mummy!

Instead of our usual dining out to celebrate, this year I've decided to cook for all of us.
It was an impromptu decision. I was doing grocery shopping with my sister and we came to the frozen aisle where I spotted a whole chicken and remember a roast chicken recipe that I had been wanting to try.

Brother and sister were missing here because they're out of town.

Our spread for the night.

On the menu are roast chicken, grilled bacon satay, tofu and veggies soup, kangkong goreng which was not featured here, cincalok omelette and mash potatoes.
Everything were mixed and match.

The verdict for the dinner from my mom:
1) Roast chicken - Good
2) Tofu and veggies soup - Good
3) kangkong goreng - should have trimmed off more of the stems
4) cincalok omelette - too salty because too much cincalok
5) Grilled bacon stay - totally failed because it was very salty and not crispy
6) mash potatoes - Good

Oh well, at least I've tried and kinda falling in love with cooking.

My star dish of the night. We licked it clean. The skin didn't turned out the way I wanted it to be, crispy brown but it was really good.

I guess the key to a great roast chicken is the marinate and cooking time.
Will share the recipe next time if anyone keen.

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