Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Finally I'm back to the blogging groove. Really miss it but not enough to put more effort to blog more in February LOL.

So back to what has been happening in February. Let's start with Chinese New Year. I was freaking out a week before the festive season because I had no new clothes to wear. This year I vowed to put on something red on the first day to get myself into the festive mood and hopefully be more ong hahaha

Found this lovely red lace dress online and I'm in love with it. I love my fresh make up look too. It was all worth the early hour woke up to get ready. 

Us in matching red.

One more with the critter. 

Our reunion dinner on CNY eve

This year is my third year celebrating Chinese New Year with the bf and his family. Flashing back I was really awkward around his family and now we've break all the ice. 

Sorry for the low quality photo but this is the only photo that I've got with all of us in it.

Went visiting on the first day till I knocked out in the evening.

Continue with my lace trend for Day 2. I have mix feeling about the dress which I called my Frozen dress. It doesn't fit well but I got it on discount. Oh well..

Day 2 of Chinese New Year was spent at my boss's place for feast and at home lazing with my cousins as well as hanging out with my friends at night. It was a great long weekend for me to catch up with everyone and something that I had learnt this year is gambling lol. But I'm not that good and kept losing money afterward.

I hope in this Goat year everything will be amehzing for me. #lamepun but I couldn't resist hahaha.

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