Saturday, December 28, 2013

Still here

A quick cheat post from my Dayre since I have been blogging there all this while, especially during the period that I am missing from this blog. I have not touched my own laptop for almost two weeks and there are so much things to do especially when the holiday season and year end approaching. The crowd at work has been crazy for the past week too.

Meet the new workaholic in town. Reeve has been working 24/7 since he's back from KL last week ( as in my Dayre entry which is dated 13 Dec 2013). This is the first time that I've seen him so serious and engross in something. I hope everything turn out well for him. Cause part of my future is in his hand, lol. I'm just kidding but I do hope for the best.

We went to on a road trip to Bintulu and Miri last two weeks.

My first meal in Bintulu, laksa.

Okay, I'm sleepy. Will continue later on.

I'm back and totally refresh.

The main reason we're stopping at Bintulu because we miss this little guy

There are more photos in my camera but am too lazy to transfer them, so some low quality photos will do for now. Reeve has been complaining that it's a waste for me to buy camera since I didn't use it that much too. And I haven't touch my Instax mini for several months also. It's not that I don't want to okay, I'm just running out of films.

Kids, motorcycle or car, helmet must on. Safety first, okay

I was obsessing with Carrie's Diary show a while back and already finished the 1st season and now I'm on to the 2nd season. I have always love Carrie Bradshaw and already read the books and watched all season of Sex and The City. Some people associate watching chick literature sort of series with being week and insecure because of how the girls are portray as sad and depressed when their man leave them or the relationship is over. But it's true what, we also facing this kind of events in our life at some point. 

And this is me trying to recreate the young Carrie signature lock, lol

Flat hair because I just got my hair straighten all thanks to the bf's brother in law's great work, my hair has maintain straight and sleek till now.

Normally I always have problem with my hair being too fine and will go out of shape after being straighten but I realize the real problem is not my hair, it's the hair stylist and the product. Bf's BIL used the high end product and put his heart and effort out there to make sure my hair was well taken care of. Now I can never change hair stylist anymore. 

Slumber party food 

Now I look back and recall what I had for the past few weeks and no wonder I'm getting fat. All these junk food went straight to my stomach and thigh. And while writing these, I have great spread of chocolates and popcorn from our Christmas open house in front of me. Argh.... temptation.... 

Pretentious ootd 

Le cousins

Caught in the act of taking selfie

Breakfast next morning

Okay, I deserved to be fat and short because of my own eating habit. I went to dinner with Reeve today and wanted to wear my jeans short. It was loose on me before but now it's so tight that it made me uncomfortable.

And, I freaking have MUFFIN TOP!!

Most of my shorts are too tight on me and nothing make me look good. In the end, I can only settle for hight waisted circle skirt. Huge thank you to whoever invented that. I really cannot take it anymore. Today imma going to cardio and belly class and I will stop having rice for dinner.

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