Saturday, December 7, 2013

First week of December

What?! It's December already? But I feel like I just had my birthday few months ago. Man, time flies. Feel just like yesterday we were worrying about the doomsday, few blinks later, 2013 almost come to an end. The bf is back from his almost month long training. I'm glad the long distance is over. 

We went to Shabu Shabu last Wednesday for steamboat. It was horrible but Shabu Shabu used to be one of my favorite places for steamboat. Revisiting the place for some old time steamboat sake has proven to be a wrong decision. The service was slow, food just so so, and the serving portion, I'll let the picture below do the talking.

Look at my pathetic seafood set.

A sad looking prawn, two slices of fish fillets, a frozen clam and sea cucumbers. That's all for RM14. Sad but true. To top the list, we found hair in the sauce. Ewwwww.... gross. The bf wanted to let them know and demanded for more prawns but we're rushing to catch The White Storm afterward. So, we just let it slide.

Speaking of The White Storm, it is by far the greatest movie that I have seen in 2013. The story line is not your average Hong Kong police movie, the plot is twisted and mind blowing and very touching too. So be prepare with some tissue if you're going to watch it. I highly recommend this movie.

I did some major shopping at The Cotton On online for Black Friday because they had awesome sales. My package just arrived two days ago and I'm super happy with all of my purchases. Some items are cheaper online if compare to the store itself. If you're familiar with the sizing of Cotton On, then it won't be a problem then. The only setback is the shipping fee. The good news is it is free shipping for purchase more than RM250.

I kinda went crazy with socks because it is so cheap. RM2.10 for one. I just had to stock up for more gym session next time.
By the way, I'm not topless in the photo above.
I was wearing the crop top that I bought online.
A bit too short (duh, it is a crop top, what am I expecting?) but it goes perfectly with skater skirt.

Durian fever

I'm kinda sick of durian already. Been having way too many this week and it's kinda taking its toll on my body. 3 ulsers popping out in my mouth and my throat hurt. As a result, almond syrup is my best friend now.

And I'm having porridge for lunch like a sick person will do.

There's a long story behind my lunch. But if you're interested, do go over to my Dayre to find out and let's keep it there ya. Shhhh...keep your mouth shut.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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