Saturday, September 28, 2013

Because I love food

One of my favorite thing to blog about besides my travel tale, is food. Food is more than just part of essential in live, for me at least. The smell of food makes me drool, the taste of food give me foodgasm. (Food orgasm, get it?). And I love taking pictures of my food more than my own selfie. True story.  

That's why when I go through my photo in my phone, I found more food photos than my selfie. Maybe I'm not vain enough, or maybe I love food a bit too much. Either way, I'm gonna spam this post with all food photos.

Sorry in advance if I make you drool.

Lunch at Uncle Dom Cafe
My must have there are beef ginger rice, fish maw soup and their 炸水饺。I used to love their Sambal Mee Hoon but after awhile I find that the sambal is too overwhelming.

Dim sum dinner at 鱼丸村。I'm not sure if this the correct name because I kinda forget already.
My pick for dim sum are cheese meatball, salted egg roll and bf must have is the custard bun.

I currently discover overlay in picture editing and have been obsessing with brenoverlay. Many has misunderstand brenoverlay as photo editing apps. It is not, it's artwork or scribble that you edit your photo with by overlaying them. So my photos here onward with the overlay are edited using PicArt (a photo app) and customize with brenoverlay.

Lunch on Monday was at Noodle House.
I super love their stew pork rice and mille crepe. Their original mille crepe tastes better than Nadeja. 

Tuesday lunch at Opps Kopitiam with their set meal

Wednesday lunch at Yummy Cafe 

And Friday we're back to Opps Kopitiam again for their set lunch.
Everyday they have different set lunch included barley value for only RM4.90.
Super cheap right?! 

Dinner date with besties at Bisteca Bistro.
I think Bisteca Bistro has improved a lot. We had their Hawaiian Chicken pizza, pan sear Dori and marinara I think. All were delicious. Definitely money well spent on food.
And picture was stolen taken from Hoe Facebook.

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