Sunday, September 15, 2013

I got me a new toy

I got myself a new toy last week!! Woohoooo!! After years of blogging and being vain, I have never own a proper camera. Yup, all these years my photos are taken with Iphone 4 and any phones that I owned before this. I have been toying with the idea of getting a proper camera after I read about the launching of Lumix GF 6. 

But it is impossible to get hold of Lumix GF 6 here, I've asked so many places and none of them have it. Of course I have been doing some research online and playing with some cameras at the stores and that's where I met the current love of my life, Sony NEX 5R.  

Flip screen for vain me, checked!
Wifi for easier photo sharing, checked!!
DSLR quality in a compact size, checked!!!

I'm not a professional when it comes to camera stuff but I really love this one. The picture quality is great though I'm still struggling to learn what is aperture, how to control the shutter, what mode for outdoor, what mode for poor lighting etc. 

Anyway, brace yourself for lots of my vain pictures ahead, makeup-less nonetheless because I've been lazy and slacking off in taking care of how I look these days. I know you would have thought that I'll be paying more attention to my makeup since I finally got myself camera but I really lazy and not in the mood.
All of these pictures were taken with Sony NEX -5R

Trying out different picture effects, this one was soft skin

That's all. I'm so excited to bring my camera everywhere with me now but I always forgot. -__- Like today, I forgot to pack it when I head over to the bf's place. Now I can't take loads of picture of  little Eden. Bummer.


  1. hello Suzi!

    The camera looks so reliable and yes i super like it, hope it is sufficient in terms of functions.

    How much is the price may i ask?


    1. Hello Esther,

      So far I find the camera works quite well for me.
      It cost me around RM1.7K and I got it during promotion.
      Hope this help.

      You're welcome :)