Friday, October 4, 2013

So many things to do, so little time

I have super mix feeling about how my days go by as for lately. It's not like I'm super busy but I feel so restless, feeling like rushing here and there everyday, for what I myself also been asking this question. Sometimes all I wanted to do is just curl up under my duvet with a good book and let the world goes by outside. But no such luck for me yet.

There are always something to do, something to attend. I've started to lose my sanity with all of these race and am now stuck in the rut.

The first thought that hit me when I open my eyes every morning is "Gosh, i wish i slept earlier last night". Every night when I'm done doing all the things that I wanted to do, the clock already half pass midnight. I went to bed tired and waking up even more tired.

As of late I finally put my words into action. I have been talking about getting back into getting fit and getting tone, so I finally stopped finding excuses and signing up for gym membership. The day after the first gym session was the cruelest. I think my muscle was in shock, it's been years since I feel that way. It was a good feeling tho.

By the way, I found a site that help people to print their Instagram pictures. Imagine how excited I was when I found out that they ship to Malaysia too with free shipping. I had a tough time selecting the pictures because I wanted to print they all. Those are happy memories for me. I already had some ideas to utilize the pictures for my room decor and have a slight itch to start doing scrapbook. I saw some gorgeous scrapbook and deco materials for it the other day at Popular and almost bought it all. But in the end, I didn't because I know it will be completely forgotten and chuck aside in my room later on.

#1 My printed Instagram pictures finally reach

First row from left to right: 1) Christmas dinner at my aunt house back in 2011. 2) When I was in Bangkok last year. 3) My fur lover waiting for his bath time 4) At Phuket with the bf last July 
Second row from left to right: 1) At Kuching with my family for my graduation in 2011, 2) Surprise birthday treat from my bestie this year 3) Karaoke session my bestie when Sara back from Bangkok 4) Lovey dovey with the bf at Patong last July.
Third row from left to right: 1) At Phuket with bf this year 2) Goofing around with my baby in 2011 3) Recent selfie 4) At Patong beach again.

I have my picture printed by Portagram. It was USD8 for a dozen but the down side is that it took almost a month to reach my door step :( 

#2 Good times

I bought two new novels last week and clearing out my book shelve only to realize I have so many new books to read. Again, I wish I have more time in a day. Maybe you can clearly notice my genre by looking at the book titles that I have. I used to love chick literature so much but when I enter my 20's, I find that the plots are somewhat repetitive. I'm going back to my scary and mystery phase and totally loving it.

#3 I bought at least 20 books this year
And good news is I got most of them on sale and almost free.

TGIF! I'm determine to make my weekend a productive one. I wanna do random shot, wash my car, rearrange my closet, getting my nails done with my bestie, fix my hair etc etc

This is random but I miss Danish.

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