Monday, September 9, 2013

Phuket Day 1 & 2

A proper entry for my Phuket trip last July. We planned this trip since last year and imagine my anticipation for July'13 to come. I have to admit that Thailand always amaze me. I really love Phuket especially their beaches and islands but more on that in the next entry.

The flight from Sibu-KL-Phuket were all pleasant one. I even had extra seat to put my legs up and read my Agatha Christie comfortably.

A little shopping spree at Kl before flying off to Phuket the next day.
 Bikini is from H&M
Gold sandal is from Forever 21

Explored Patong Beach on the first night

Must have street food banana nutella crepe

You never have to worry about food if you're travelling to Phuket because everywhere on the streets or at any corner, they always have stalls selling various kind of finger food. From their signature mango sticky rice to lok lok and crepe, they have it all. And the best news is none of us suffering from diarrhea throughout the trip. 

Must do in Phuket or Thailand in general

I feel like a midget 

We strolled along  the beach area checking out the surrounding. As expected, it was packed with tourists since it was the beginning of summer. We had quite a hard time deciding where to eat as the choices are unlimited. It's funny how there are so many Indian restaurants in Phuket, I'm not sure if they are local. One word of advice tho, some restaurants has ushers that bring their menu around the area and forcing trying to get you to try their food. It happened once to us, this usher approached us with a menu, everything looks good on the menu, so we follow him to the restaurant, turned out the restaurant is empty :( and the food was just okay but expensive.

For dinner on the first night, we settled for The Orchid restaurant as we wanted an authentic Thai cuisine. Food was great and matched their price. Plus they have free wifi too. None of us has data roaming, so free wifi is on top of our list for places to eat. We're (or me) really pathetic. 

Another must do thing in Phuket is going for their Thai massage. After tired of walking around, we went for an hour of Thai massage and it was a bliss. A little tip here : Don't go for massage parlor along the main road or where it is more accessible as they tend to charge higher for the same service. We went to the one on the alley nearby our hotel. Don't worry, it is not the dodgy kind and only 200 Thai Baht.

Woke up early the next morning but it was raining and their shops/cafes all were still close. We continued exploring the neighborhood to check out Bangla Street, Night Market and some popular cafes. 

Settled down for dim sum for breakfast. I remember we had delicious drinks here made from rosette (?)

Jungceylon Mall, one and only mall at Patong

Loitering outside the mall waiting for it to open at 11 am


 Outside of Jungceylon

Grocery shopping at The Big C

We literally walked all day from one place to another and refrain from using Tuk Tuk or Taxi because it was expensive. Plus everything at Patong is actually within walking range. So no worry, it you're tired, just go for foot massage, super cheap also.

Shopping at Patong literally consists of those stalls on the road side and alleys that sell lots of merchandise. I kinda regret packed so much clothes for this trip because I didn't end up using all of them. Everything that you need from tops, bikinis, shorts, hats, bags and flip flops were sold very cheap. 

Checking out the Irish Bars
All the huts along this road are Irish Bars and very crowded at night

My dolphin tattoo 

We went to the beach at the evening

Had Pad Thai at the restaurant that we were ushered to.

So, that's a wrap of my Phuket Day 1 & 2. Basically all that we did was walking and eating. It was very leisure as we stayed there for 5 days.

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